The group find themselves, yet again, in another sticky situation...
Hope you enjoy :D


3. Injected.

“What!!” Ashleigh backed towards the corner. “Over our dead bodies!” Frances tried to calm her down. “I’m sure that would work for them.” Holly joked. “Not funny!” Morgan snapped, making her shut up. “I hope it’s the same guard as yesterday, we can take him!” Frances punched her fist into her palm. “No more violence!” Erin pleaded, rubbing her temples.


“No! I am not a hamster here for testing!” Ashleigh shouted, stamping her foot, this was unusual; Ashleigh never showed when she was scared. Sure I knew that she had a fear of needles but she always got it over and done with. Frances and Ashleigh were never violent! Well sure play fighting and that but they never actually punched someone, they were too ‘jokey’ for that.


When a bell began to ring Ashleigh slid down in the corner mumbling something. Frances crossed her arms, unsure what to do. Erin wandered in circles, praying there was no violence. Michelle talked to Morgan and every-so-often asked Holly what she thought. I sat with Natallia, confused and dazed about what was happening. They were all different, what has this place done to them?


When two large men entered with a trolley and a white cloth thrown on top everyone stared. Ashleigh started fidgeting, her hands shaking like mad. Frances glared at the man daring him to touch her or Ashleigh. 

“Alright! I want no funny business!” A broad man with a black eye snorted. He had a tattoo on his neck and his hair was cut short but long enough to be tied back in a pony tail. His eyes met Frances and Ashleigh’s and he shuddered. “Line up!” He called and Holly, Erin, Michelle and Natallia lined up. They took out a needle and flicked it, bubbles floating to the top. He grabbed Erin’s arm and stabbed her with it, he wasn’t careful. She rubbed her arm, face screwed up and a bruise already forming on the surface. If that was the effect the needle had, I could see why Ashleigh and Frances were acting like that. I slowly moved towards them.


Morgan, Frances and Ashleigh now stood beside me, arms folded apart from Ashleigh who held her arms. “Please! Can I not have a day off, without you two protesting!” The man groaned turning in a small circle. “It wasn’t like this when you first arrived.” The other man inserted and then whispered to the other laughing. “I don’t care! Do you think I like being a punching bag for them?” The three smirked at each other. “Now girls how bout we get this over with? Be nice and sit down it will be over in a second.” He went to grab my arm but I slapped it away. “Ok you haven’t even had one! What you scared about?”


“I’ve seen what it does.” He moaned, grabbing my arm again and I felt a nip then a sore pain flowing through my arm. “Ah!” I bit my lip holding my arm. “What you get! If you just followed the rules it wouldn’t hurt!” His voice was smug and made a rage form in the pit of my stomach when there was a sound like a piece of wood hitting concrete. The man had a rose coloured hand print on his face, Morgan standing in front of him. “Ok you have a new friend, who can hit.” He rubbed his face. “Ok we stop injecting—uh never mind.” Before I could blink a man tackled Morgan and injected something in her leg. I was sure all hell was about to break loose.


I was right, the man who injected Morgan ended up on the floor, decked by Frances. When the other guard had stopped chuckling, he went to help his partner only to meet Ashleigh’s fist. I didn’t know what to do; it was an unusual act for the three girls. Erin must have panicked because a loud bell sounded and she was the only one next to the alarm.


Five guards flooded in, grabbing the girls. They held them still, arms behind their backs, so they couldn’t lash out. When the man injected Frances, and ignored her death threats he moved onto Ashleigh. She went to inject her and then screamed. “HA! He screams like a girl.” Holly laughed, Ashleigh’s teeth were sunk into the man’s hand, and she refused to let go. When he shook her off he picked up the needle again. The guard holding her covered her mouth, all to be heard were death threats and the sound of Ashleigh struggling. “You little BUGGER!!” Ashleigh’s eyes narrowed, but still had a mocking tone behind them; she was injected another three times.


After the guards left, Morgan, Frances and Ashleigh were furious for some reason. Holly couldn’t stop joking, Erin kept on trying to keep the peace, Natallia and Michelle just looked like they were doped up. I felt different and had a weird sensation I was worried, anxious and I can’t explain it, I was scared of something. I had to ask questions.

“Why was Ashleigh injected so many times?” Michelle shrugged. “They are all different. Don’t know what they’re for.”

“She keeps acting weird.” Frances rubbed her head. “I have a massive headache. I was injected three times yesterday.” This is weird, maybe it was only me noticing but the needles weren’t the same. All were different sizes, different liquids and different side effects. “Guys I don’t think this is a school, I think we are test subjects. It adds up to that conclusion. We are injected daily, all act differently.”


I bit my lip, why would our parents send us here? It didn’t make sense, but I was going to find out. “Anyone got a phone?” They all shook their heads, I remembered the list of things I was to bring, and my phone and any other gadgets were prohibited. I sighed as the side effects began to fade, they still didn’t know what was happening.

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