Overcoming substance abuse.


1. A Cessation Of Hostilities

I steady wandered..
trapped, stuck in yonder..
Made up excuses, pretending to grow stronger..
I can't take this any longer!
Its become such a bother!
This path of demise took up my time! My sweet precious time...
All your games..all your lies..
I finally woke up!
The deceit in your eyes!
Its clear...I see thru your disguise...
I cried for you...nearly took my life for you..
blinded in so many ways
I was tied down to you...
But I finally came to..
Snapped back to reality...its time for me to make my own rules..
be in control of what I choose...
I'm done being your mule!
the tables have turned..
Ponder such...
Now who's Up in yonder...stuck!
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