last breath.

Nathan and Andrew were best friends. They could tell each other anything, they were inseparable. Until Andrew out of the blue decided that they shouldn't be friends anymore, and left Nathan hurt and alone.
4 years later, they again find interest in each other, as more than just friends. But will it work out, despite their past issues, and the issues their new found love possibly might bring them?


3. Bruises.

"Andrew," I shouted, as he opened the door. "Hurry the hell up! We'll be late"

"Bloody hell, I'm on my way" He replied, obviously grumpy. He walked towards me, crunching some brown and orange autumn leaves, with long steps. He didn't look up at me.

"A little morning pissed, aye?" I laughed, hoping to get him to crack a smile.

"Yeah, whatever. Can we just leave immediately?" He looked up at me, pain obvious in his crystal blue eyes. His left eye was marked with a dark purple circle. I could see that he didn't want me to mention it, but my curiosity was way too strong.

"Andrew," I gasped, grabbing his chin between my thumb and index finger, keeping it steady in front of my face, before he managed to look down again. "What happened to your face?"

"It's nothing," He grabbed my arm, and shoved it away from his face with a quick motion. "I fell" That has got to be the oldest excuse in the book, but we didn't talk more about it. It was obvious that it was his father's work, he and Andrew's mum always fight with each other, and his father always takes his anger out on Andrew. There are countless times when he has had purple marks, cuts, and red marks different places on his body, but it was always an "accident". I did not want to be prying, so I just left it there. I know I should have done something, like telling a grown up, but he would hate me for that, and I would never want him to do that, even though that's most likely what he does now.

Seeing Andrew sad was one of the worst things in the world, it still is the day today. Even though I now mean nothing to him, he still means everything to me, and I still notice when there's something wrong. Once he came to school with a deep cut across his face, right from the left side of his face, right next to his eye, all the way across his cheek, slightly cutting his lips open, claiming that he was in a hardcore fight, but I knew that wasn't the case. I had been sitting outside my house when it happened, we live so close that if I open my bedroom window or go outside, I can hear everything. Their house is also not the biggest, and the walls are not that solid, more like paper thin. I had heard shouting from both him and his father. I heard one of his father's beer bottles break, and his mum screaming hysterically. Two minutes later Andrew burst out of their front door.

"Fine dad! Maybe I just won't come back then, see how you feel when I make it big out in the real world, and when my old man needs to lend some money because he spent it all on hookers and booze, he won't get a penny!" he spat in a drowsy voice, choking in his own tears. He turned around just to see me sitting there, staring at him.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" he cried. I stood up and took a step towards him, not to give him a hug or to pity him, but the cut looked like it needed some sterilizing and some stitches right away, or else it would end up pretty bad.

"Let me drive you to th-" I started out, reaching my arm out to him even though we weren't even close to being in arm lenght of each other.

"You're the last person I need to speak to!" he cried. "and I don't need your fucking pity"

One of the first times he had even acknowledged my existence since he had defriended me, and those were his words. "You're the last person I need to speak to!" I had always imagined our reunion, if there was ever going to be one anyway, to be like those in all the movies. Never imagined it would hurt this much.

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