Moon Sisters

A story of three sister Leah-Mai the eldest 19,Sapphire 18,and Mia the youngest of them all who is only 17 years old.They are the moon sisters with power beyond measure.


1. Sisters


"Mia, wake up” Sapphire shouted shaking her sister arm. Mia woke up the dark circles under her eyes.

"Why"Mia asked.

"Why, you say were in danger” Leah shouted. Mia looked at her elder sister Leah-Mai.Leah could be scary at times.

"Let me sleep"Mia asked.

"No” Sapphire shouted packing their stuff.

"Well I'm not going"Mia shouted shaking her black hair. She hated moving every month because they moved she never made friends.

"Yes you are, you’re our sister” Leah shouted. Mia looked at her sisters they weren't her real sisters they were her adopted sisters that why they looked different. Sapphire and Leah were real sisters. Mia she was just the youngest adopted girl.

"No, I am not”Mia shouted.

"She's just being silly get up now” Sapphire shouted her blonde hair flying in the wind.

"No, I said no I am not going I am not going to loose everyone"Mia shouted back.

"Damien isn't it” Leah sneered.

"Shut up, Damien isn't in this and of course I will miss him too I just found my soul mate and you want me to leave him"Mia screamed. She was not going to go no way.

"We didn't mean it like that but we have to go” Sapphire asked sitting on the bed.

"I said No you can go and leave me but I'm not going"Mia replied.

"Then were all not going were the moon sisters and we stick together” Leah whispered shaking her brown hair. Mia ran up to Sapphire and Leah and gave them a hug.  They were going to stick together and save everyone including Damien her soul mate.

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