The Summer of Love

Story of Mia,her sister and friend winning tickets to spend the summer with one direction.But is this Summer the summer of love.For the One direction competition.Please like and fav as i really want to place.


1. Bye Home


I stare at my bedroom one last time and walk to the One direction poster.

I press my lips on the paper and whisper bye.

"Bye Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall"I whisper.

My best friend Amy runs to me and starts giggling.

"I can't believe were going to meet one direction in person Omg pinch me I’m dreaming” Amy exclaims. I pinch Amy on the hand.

"Oww, not really I can't believe I'm going to meet One direction and Zayn"Amy exclaims.

"Come down you two babies” My sister Ashley shouts.

"Not even my horrible sister Ashley can make me sad” I whisper. I pick up my suitcase and ran downstairs to see my sister with a suitcase in her hand.

"Mum, Ashley not coming” I ask.

"Well, girls your only sixteen and you need a adult over eighteen so why not Ashley” Dad replied.

"But, Dad"I moan.

"She's coming or you can't go” Mum replied. I look at my evil sister Ashley why did she come she didn't even like one direction. I nod my head and walk to the car. Amy offers me a sad smile.

"It's okay even horrid sister's can't ruin my summer” I exclaim sitting in the car and smiling. I was going to spend my summer with one direction.

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