This Song Is About You - A Harry Styles story

Rebecca is a teenage girl who can be quite shy and likes to live in her own little nutshell. What will happen when she's dragged on a boring holiday with her Dad?
Maybe it will prove to be quite the opposite of 'boring' when she bumps into the famous band and creates a bond like no other with one of the boys.


3. "I like you."

The next day I woke up to an empty house and a sticky note on my door.
'Off to Disney Land, home late. Dad x' It read.

"Thanks for the invite dad." I whispered to myself, rolling my eyes. 
I grabbed some waffles from the press and gobbled them down before deciding to unpack my suitcase.

 To take away from the bore of hanging up all of my clothes, I put on some music full-blast. I let my 'Summer' playlist scream through my Beats headphones, after getting them as a Christmas present from Kim to sweeten the deal of me being a bridesmaid. 

In the comfort of the villa, I gladly shook my booty around like I was Beyoncé's twin. Or even better, Beyoncé herself. I howled each lyric like they were my last words, not a care in the world. 

Until, I twirled around to see a certain person standing at my door, leaning against the frame. "Nice moves." He sarcastically remarked. 

Removing my headphones, I collapsed in a heap on the ground and held my head in my hands with embarrassment. "Oh no, Harry - How much did you see?" I asked, cringing. "That's for me to know and you to find out," He said adding - "I am delighted to say I caught your best Beyoncé impression though. That was most definitely my favourite." 

I laughed it off, there's not much else you can do when you've been caught like that. He was practically a stranger anyway. "I'm not the one creeping in somebody else's holiday home?" I added confidently, taking Harry's hand to be helped up.

I took a deep breath, feeling the butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach at his touch. 
"I'm glad I did come though, any more of that screeching and the windows would have shattered." He replied, keeping the proud smile on his face. 

"Alright, alright. I bet I'm still better than you. You probably haven't got a note in your head!" I laughed. Conscious of my reply, Harry mockingly laughed it off. 
"Would you like to do something today?" He asked. 
"What have you got in mind? I still barely even know you so, I'll have to consider it." I jokingly smiled.
"I'm sure you know me better than you let on, Rebecca." Harry responded with a wink. 
"What's that supposed to mean?"
After an awkward silence, I left the house with Harry and we went for a walk on the private beach. 
"So you still haven't told me about yourself." I announced, curious to know about him. 

"I told you, there's not much to tell. I'm a simple guy, casual life. Nothing major." He replied. Seeing the curious look on my face and knowing I was looking for more, he started talking. "I'm from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, I'm eighteen and I'm working over here this Summer." 
"That's amazing, I'd love a Summer job abroad. I doubt my parents would let me though." I replied enthusiastically.
"A Summer job? I guess you could call it that. My parents have no choice." Harry whispered. I chose not to investigate further, for some reason he seemed to be getting a bit touchy. 
"RUN!" Harry screamed suddenly, grabbing my hand gently but firmly. It appeared as if he spotted something ahead, whatever it was obviously startled him. We then both fleeted hand-in-hand back towards the two houses we were both staying in.

I had never been in to sports and I definitely wasn't fit. P.E wasn't my best subject, never was, never would be. I gasped as we sprinted up the wooden steps and into Harry's house next door from mine. "What was that all about?" I asked, a little freaked out. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was out of breath. 
Causal but attentive, Harry grabbed a glass and filled it top-full of water. "I thought I seen a shark." He whispered. I laughed at how bad his acting skills were. "Well whatever it was, don't make me run like that again.. I hate sports." I shrieked. "Another interesting fact about you Rebecca," He replied. 
"Well I like the fact that you're so casual and honest too. You're not so bad." I poked, tipping him mildly. 

"Do you really not know?" He whispered in a serious tone, taking a sip from the water. 
I squinted my eyes and glared back at him with an empty expression. 

"Not know what?" I whispered back. 

Harry rolled his eyes and handed me his glass of water. "Nevermind."
I bounced down in a heap on the couch and tilted my head to one side, staring at his tall, slim but built figure.  "I like you." I blurted out. Immediately, I felt like hitting myself for not thinking before speaking. Harry smiled gently. 

'What so you don't like me? Thanks.' I thought to myself sarcastically when he stood silent.
I noticed an iPod sitting in the speakers in the corner. "Yours?" I asked - directing my hand towards it. He nodded a silent 'Yup.'
Yes. This was definitely awkward. 

I scrolled through his music, he had amazing taste that ranged from my personal favourite - The Script, to Drake, to some 90's classics. 
We spent some time relaxing in each-other's company. We talked about everything. From our pets to our favourite foods, to old embarrassing stories from when we were young.  It was nice being with Harry. 
We ended up spending over two hours just lying on the sofa together. "For the record, I like you too." Harry whispered, cracking the comfortable silence between us. I peeked up, admiring the tender look on his face. He must have noticed that he didn't say it back to me earlier. I smirked, feeling pleased with myself.

"Oh no, is that the time?! I have to go to work now, how about we hang out later if I'm not back too late?" He proposed. 

"It depends how late - I'm not sure if my dad will want me home early tonight." I replied, anxiously pulling myself loose from his hold. His arm felt so good around me, I definitively didn't want to leave. 
"Well I'll give you a call when I'm on my way back, you can put your number in my phone if you want?" Harry suggested, pulling out a shiny white iPhone from his back pocket.
 He typed in his four-numbered password and then handed it over. I typed in my digits without a second thought and handed it back over.  "Thanks," He murmured - walking behind me towards the door. "That was nice." 
"Yeah, see you soon?" I asked, trying not to sound needy. 
"Definitely." He replied - pulling my arm back softly. I blinked, feeling relieved. 
 I let go and casually strolled back down the steps and towards our place. 

"So that's where you were." Dad said softly, making me jump. I was on cloud nine I didn't even notice him and Kim lounging out on the deck. 

"You're back early? Thanks for the invite dad." I ignored what he just said and kept my tone strong. 

"I didn't want you ruining the day for us," He then lifted his hand and placed it on Kim's. "It was a family day out. You wouldn't have wanted to be there." 

Before he could say anything else I stormed inside and slammed the door behind me. How is this supposed to be a 'family' holiday if he doesn't even want me here? 


One week  later I still hadn't heard from or seen Harry. I wanted to pretend it was okay, but it wasn't. Why was I feeling this way for a stranger? We spent like two days together. Clearly he didn't enjoy it as much as I did. I seen a bus pass by the back window and as curious as I was, I stepped over to the window to see what was going on. 

It came to a halt outside Harry's place and him, along with the other boys, hopped out. Maybe this was why he hasn't been in contact. 

I twirled around and strolled back to the couch where I proceeded to creep on Facebook, pretending not to care. 

But oh, did I care. I wondered if he'd call or text, or maybe even call in. But it was mega-late. Everyone in the house was asleep in bed. 

Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate on my bed. 

'Messages (1)'

I squealed with delight. 

'Sorry haven't been in contact, work got busy. You still up? H.x' His text read.

'Oh hey, yeah I'm up. No problem, been busy too x'  I replied. I smirked at myself for lying. I'm sure if you looked up the meaning of 'busy' in the dictionary it wouldn't include sitting on the couch watching endless re-runs of Friends with tubs of Ben and Jerry's. 

'Switch your light on x.' The message clicked in fast, and I did what I was told. 

After waiting five minutes, I heard a loud thump. 

When I looked up, there he was standing on the balcony outside my bedroom. 

"Harry!" I whispered, my jaw dropping with amusement. 

I tried not to squeal. Gently, I tipped the lock around and pulled the door open. 

"I need to ask you something." He murmured. 

These six words made my heart pound. Why was he acting so serious? 

I gulped away the lump in my throat, hating the thick silence between us. 

"Do you really not know who I am?" He asked, stepping forward. He was now only inches away from me, our heads within tipping distance. 

Kissing distance.

"Why are you acting so strange? You're Harry, from Holmes Chapel. You told me the other day," I began to ramble on. 

"Save it. You're all the same." He hastily remarked, stepping away from me. 

I was so confused. I stood still at the door trying to figure out whether this was a dream or not. Before I could say anything else, he had began climbing back down the wall onto the beach. 

He quickly stormed off towards his house in a rage. 
What did he mean by all of this? 
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