This Song Is About You - A Harry Styles story

Rebecca is a teenage girl who can be quite shy and likes to live in her own little nutshell. What will happen when she's dragged on a boring holiday with her Dad?
Maybe it will prove to be quite the opposite of 'boring' when she bumps into the famous band and creates a bond like no other with one of the boys.


9. Here we go.

I was calmly relaxing to The Script when I decided that going for a walk to clear my head was a good option. Should I tell my dad what was going on? He probably wouldn't understand anyway, he wouldn't have a clue who One Direction are in the first place. I laughed again once more, girls in my year were crazy about those boys and I never paid any attention. Now, here I am in the headlines for 'dating' one of them. I didn't even kiss him to be fair, but they didn't know that.

I picked up my phone and checked it for messages from Harry. He still hadn't tried to make contact, maybe Taylor was being a bit dramatic and it wasn't actually a big deal. An iMessage then appeared from her and it read: 'Go check Harry's twitter account NOW!!!'

My heart began pounding in my chest, what did he say? I quickly searched 'Harry Styles twitter' on google and anxiously waited for his account to load.

'Lots of rumours going around again.. I am not having a 'love affair' with anybody. Rebecca and I are friends, good friends. x.'

'Everyone is asking me to explain the picture... I can't. We were looking for the remote :)'

'Miami GET READY!! No really... Niall is eating everything here and I don't think there'll be any food left when he's finished.'

I smiled, that was nice of him. I then laughed, 'looking for the remote' - Cute.
Should I make a twitter account? No, that would just ask for trouble. I then re-read his tweets and noticed the 'Miami' again. He was still here in Florida, I wondered if he would come back to see me. Well, I hoped he would. Or wouldn't. I wasn't quite sure.

I dreaded the awkward atmosphere that would surround us. What would I say to him? After all he did lie to me, but I get that he had his reasons. Was I mad? No. Was I concerned? Yes. He must have had doubts about me and that's why he felt the need to hide his identity. It all made sense now, the girls at the diner, the running away suddenly on the beach, the man taking pictures at the window. It was finally kicking in that he was a celebrity.

I then threw everything down on my bed and decided to ask Jake if he wanted to go for a walk with me. Even if he was annoying at times, well - all of the time, he was still a good distraction. I laughed and played with him as we ran along the beachfront with a football messing around. I was useless at trying to get the ball off him but it was actually quite cute. "Sometimes it may not seem like it but I love having you as my new older sister," He whispered. I couldn't help but beam a huge smile, he was adorable when he was like this.

We spent nearly two hours playing around and surprisingly I had a lot of fun. On the way back, I noticed a van was parked outside the home Harry had been staying in. I stood caught in a daydream wondering who it was or what it was doing there. "Rebecca come on!" Jake called as he darted up the steps towards Dad. I followed slowly behind as usual.

"There's some boy in the kitchen, he said it was urgent." Dad said as he guided me into the house. I began to get butterflies in my stomach - Harry showed up to see me. I squealed with excitement on the inside but kept a calm appearance.

He then turned around from his seat and I noticed it unfortunately wasn't him.
"Louis?" I said as I approached him. "Hi," He greeted awkwardly.
"Why are you here?" I wondered if Harry was going to pop his head out at any second but there was no sign of him anywhere.

"I came here for Harry. Can we go somewhere?" Oh no. This sounded serious, very serious. We then proceeded out on to the deck and sat down on the stairs leading down to the beach.

"Listen, Harry doesn't know I'm here but I just wanted to say that..." He paused for a moment and began to hesitate. "That Harry is my best mate and I don't want him getting hurt in any of this. After all, he barely knows you and he has a career at risk. Anything that upsets him upsets me and the boys. He's a good guy and doesn't deserve to be messed around with."

I sat in silence for a moment or two, debating with myself over how to react. I wasn't expecting this so I honestly didn't know what to reply.

"I wouldn't do anything to hurt him Louis, I didn't even know who you guys were. I didn't ask to be put in this kind of situation and believe me, it's not fun. I can't get my head around it."
I anxiously waited for him to respond. It seemed as if he was doubting me and my story.

"Whatever, without sounding cocky - it just seems a bit convenient for a girl like you to know nothing about us. I mean, we're from the same area and we've had such success back home and now abroad. But I don't want to argue, I just wanted to have a chat. I need to get back now."

I didn't know what to do. I felt like running up to my room and crying over the fact he thought I was a liar but I genuinely didn't pay any attention to that kind of stuff.

"Will Harry be around anytime soon?" I couldn't help but blurt it out.

"Well we have a tight schedule over the next few days but I'm not sure."

I sighed.

"Do you really like him that much?" Louis looked surprised, shocked even.

"Yes, I do."

"Well he likes you too. Why don't you come along to the show tonight, he'd love it." Louis invited.

Their show? As in concert? Tonight? Oh my god. I couldn't.
Louis could clearly see the look of fear and worry in my eyes.

"Don't worry, nobody will see you. I'll send a car to pick you up and bring you to the arena at about seven thirty. It would be a nice surprise for Harry. What do you think?"

I managed to block all of the panic out of my mind and agree to go. I then said my goodbyes to Louis and ran up to my room screaming. What was I going to wear? Would I be allowed? What would I tell my dad and Kim? Then I realised it was already five o'clock. I only had over two hours to figure everything out.

"Why did that boy seem so familiar?" My dad asked as he strolled into my room unannounced. "He's in that band from back home, One Direction. He just invited me to their concert tonight. Please can I go? Please dad?"

"How do you know for sure? He could be somebody trying to be him just to trick you into something. I don't trust him."

I then whipped out my phone and googled the words 'One Direction' and after sitting on my bed scrolling through hundreds of pictures of them, he finally agreed to let me go as long as I rang him in the car on my way there, when I arrived, and when the concert had ended.

Was this actually happening? I stormed through my suitcases for something to wear but after ten minutes I decided not to bother stressing over it. Harry had seen me with my hair natural, no makeup on and in simple shorts and a t-shirt. What was the point in changing me just because he was famous?

I decided to wear my new jeans, a wine coloured peplum top and a cosy cardigan with a pair of converse. It was oh so comfortable. I then applied a small bit of makeup, just to cover up my blemishes.

I was overall pleased with how I looked, It was just casual so there wasn't anything different about it.

I grabbed a bite to eat and then felt butterflies in my stomach when the car pulled up outside the door and lights beamed through the window panes.

"Here we go!" I whispered to myself as I set off out the door.

Here we go.
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