This Song Is About You - A Harry Styles story

Rebecca is a teenage girl who can be quite shy and likes to live in her own little nutshell. What will happen when she's dragged on a boring holiday with her Dad?
Maybe it will prove to be quite the opposite of 'boring' when she bumps into the famous band and creates a bond like no other with one of the boys.


2. Glassy Green Eyes


My first day in sunny Florida was tiring, to say the least. I was left to baby-sit Jake while my dad and Kim went off looking for the local supermarket to get supplies and food.       

"Can you take me to the beach now?" Jake moaned, waiting for me to finally choose a bikini to wear. I had spent the last hour locked away in the bathroom trying to ace the Summer look. "Maybe if you shut up and let me focus, we would be there by now!" I said with anger in my voice. Finally deciding on denim shorts and a plain black bikini, I grabbed a loose white t-shirt from my case on the way out.    

"JAKE!" I yelled from the deck. After waiting for five minutes or so on the porch for him with no answer, I decided to inspect the house and go find him. I shouted his name again and again.

"If this is supposed to be funny, it's not. You can come out now." I began to get increasingly startled and the idea of him being lost scared me when he was nowhere to be found. I stared out the window and squinted my eyes at what looked to be some sort of drama happening out on the beach.  

Realizing that Jake wasn't around, I quickly snapped myself up and bolted outside to see what was going on.    A handful of people were gathered along the seafront watching something. "JAKE!" I screamed, sighting him in the water struggling. "It's okay - my friend has just gone in to get  him. He'll be fine." An onlooker whispered. I was white with panic. If anything happened to him, it would be all my fault.     

"Just relax, look.. My friend has him now." The boy added. I turned to face him and he put his arm on my shoulder. "Thank you." I mumbled, still on edge. Within seconds, Jake was safely brought back to shore by the surprisingly familiar looking guy that saved him. As soon as Jake was within running distance I  rushed towards him and picked him up for a cuddle. "You're too young to be going to the beach on your own, don't do that again! I won't leave you waiting like that again, I promise!" I said with relief and frustration at the same time. After finally letting go of Jake, I pulled the boy that saved him in for a hug too. He had saved Jake's life. "You honestly don't know how thankful I am." I whispered over his shoulder.      "Don't worry about it." He replied. In that moment, our eyes met for what I thought was the first time, but that wasn't the case. I admired his glassy green eyes and was kept locked in stare by them.  "Do I know you from somewhere?" I asked.

 "Well, if approaching you on the beach last night counts.. Then yes."  He quietly hushed.

"That was you?! I'm really sorry for how I snapped, I was tired and well, I'm just sorry." I didn't know how to explain my actions.  "Well I'm Harry and this is my friend Liam, we might see you around?" I responded with a simple smile and a light nod. "Rebecca?" Jake voiced, pulling at my arm.   I turned around to see what he was moaning about, to discover my dad had been watching the whole scene. I stepped away from Harry and Liam and began to walk towards him with Jake's hand held tightly in mine. "I'm so sorry, it will never happen again." I sighed, my heart still racing at what he was going to say or how I would be punished. 


"I'm going to pretend I never saw anything. We'll talk about this some other time. I do NOT want you ruining this family time for me." Dad answered, giving me 'the look' while putting emphasis on the 'ME' part. 

I honestly was beginning to wish I could go home already. I missed my old life. My mother, my father and myself. Just myself. No Jake, no Kim. It was beginning to seem as if the only family he really cared about was his new one. 



Once letting Jake run off for lunch, I returned to the beach and relaxed on the golden sand. 


I was away in my own little world, peacefully listening to Demi Lovato when I felt a sudden touch on my leg. I bounced up quickly and let out a little squeal before realizing it was only a beach ball. Remembering I was on a beach full of people, I looked up to see a group of guys struggling to contain their laughter. "Sorry, that was my fault!" One said, coming towards me. "Are you alright?" He added. I couldn't help burst out in laughter at myself, I made a complete fool out of myself. "Apart from the fact that I thought I was being attacked by some shark, I'm fine thanks.." I said between giggles, cringing at the thought of the way I reacted. 


Just then as the topless, cute, curly-haired boy approached me, I noticed it was Harry, from earlier. This time he was with four other friends. "Oh, hi again, Rebecca, was it?" He asked. "Yes it was, hello Harry." I replied. I couldn't help but see confused looks on the other boys' faces after my reply. "Rebecca?" One questioned quietly, before being glared at by Liam. 


"This is Louis, Zayn and Niall." Liam told me, pointing to the other three friends. I greeted them all simply by a nod and a gentle smile. "Why don't you join us for a game of volleyball?" Louis asked. Without hesitation, I grabbed the ball and began to get on a side between Liam and Harry. After playing for over an hour, I felt my stomach grumbling and felt it was time for some food. "I'm hungry too, how about dinner on me?" Harry asked with a gentle grin beamed across his face. 

"I really shouldn't, it's nearly four-" I was cut off mid-sentence.

"Come on, it can be a thank you for saving your little brother." Harry added.

I knew I wouldn't be missed back at the house with dad so after a minute of deliberating with myself, I grabbed my bag and made my way to the local pizza restaurant with Harry, he seemed to know the area well. 


"Tell me about yourself." He asked, looking intrigued. Not really knowing what to say, I blabbed on about where I was from, what my best friend was like and why I was brought on this horrible holiday to "bond" with my new 'family.' 

When I asked Harry about himself, he didn't say much. "There's nothing to tell really." He kept saying when I jokingly demanded to know about him. 


We were then distracted by younger girls that stood behind our table. "Oh my god, it's Harry!" One said to the other. "Please not now?" He whispered to them in a very kind manner. I was still clueless as to what was going on. "Stalkers?" I asked, laughing at his reaction. "Something like that.." He hissed.  I then began to wonder what was going on, something just didn't feel right. 


We both then discussed the volleyball game, debating with each-other over who was better at playing volleyball, I was clearly defending myself. Harry threw like a girl, but it was cute. "Will I walk you home yet?" He asked, glancing at his watch. 


"Probably, I haven't been home all day." I replied, strolling down the road beside his tall, toned figure. "How about we play a game?" He asked. Intrigued, I agreed to play along with whatever he had in mind. "Twenty questions, you go first." Harry muttered. 

It took me a few seconds to think of a question under pressure, but I got the hang of it after a while.

"Lucky number?" I started off. 

"Don't really have one. Favourite lyric?"

"Any by The Script. Would you ever get a tattoo?" 

"Already have a few. Did you enjoy today?" 

I gasped slightly, surprised at the fact he had a few tattoo's. "Yes, thank you by the way."

"For what?" He asked. "Saving Jake and taking my mind off things this evening. It really helped." I replied, walking up to my porch. 

"One last question." He whispered, noticing the fact that I was searching my bag for the key. I nodded. 

"Last time you kissed somebody?" Harry looked hopeful, yet cheeky.

I smiled and hit his chest playfully, whispering "Goodnight Harry." as I walked into the villa. 


As I closed over the door, I let out a sigh and I couldn't get the giant smile planted across my face to go away. Making my way into my room, I sat on my bed. That butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach was starting to creep up on me. And, I liked it. 





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