This Song Is About You - A Harry Styles story

Rebecca is a teenage girl who can be quite shy and likes to live in her own little nutshell. What will happen when she's dragged on a boring holiday with her Dad?
Maybe it will prove to be quite the opposite of 'boring' when she bumps into the famous band and creates a bond like no other with one of the boys.


1. "Some people just need a chance."

"Come on Rebecca, it's not going to be that bad." 


I sat up from my bed and sighed. I knew Taylor, my best friend, was just trying to make me feel better about this whole 'family bonding time' holiday. I didn't want to go with my dad and his new wife-to-be, not to mention with her little evil son. He was quiet around me but the kid had to be up to something. My dad should have learned by now that I didn't like his new family and I never would.

"Some people just need a chance." Taylor added. 


I wanted to look forward to spending a few weeks of Summer living on a beach in Florida, but the reality was that I was dreading it. I put my iPod on shuffle and started shaking my hips to some Olly Murs as the music blasted through the speakers. Taylor began laughing and insisted that I put on What Makes You Beautiful by her new obsession, One Direction. Their music seemed catchy, but  I didn't really take much notice of them. 


Four hours later, I boarded a late plane to Miami with my dad, his fiancé Kim and her little son, Jake.

Since we arrived late for boarding, our seats were scattered around different areas of the plane. I was shown to a window seat right in the last row at the back of the wing. Five minutes before liftoff, a boy sat down beside me. I didn't take much notice of him, I just wanted to be left alone with myself and my music.

I spent my time during the flight  flicking through magazines, listening to my 'Summer' playlist and trying to sleep. 


As we landed in Miami International Airport, I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't help but smile as I gazed out the window. It was dark and the city lights were beaming, making it a beautiful scene to look at. 


The boy kept his head down as all the people passed by and exited the plane. I caught his eye at one point while getting up from my seat to squeeze past. He hadn't said a word to anybody for the whole flight, I couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with him and why he was acting so strange.  I hushed a gentle goodbye and nodded my head at him so I didn't seem rude before stepping out the exit door.


"Maybe when one of the days we can go out shopping together, just me and you?" Kim asked as we walked in sync towards the baggage area. I simply rolled my eyes and continued on as if nobody had said a word to me. I had never actually had a proper conversation with her, but there's only so much small talk I could stand with the woman that stole my father from me. 


In my eyes, she didn't even care about me. 


An hour later, we arrived at our villa. It was in a gorgeous location, I could hear the waves from the beach crashing every few seconds. I decided to take a small walk along the beachfront to take a break from Jake's screaming excitement of being in a different country just minutes from Disney Land. I slipped a light cardigan over my shoulders and tip toed out onto the porch. 

I thankfully wandered down onto the beach unnoticed and found a comfortable spot right along the sea-front. I sat alone with my thoughts and wondered whether my life was about to get any better. I had struggled to cope with my parent's divorce and I still wasn't over it, I guess.

After the split, I turned into a completely different person. I used to be a bubbly, outgoing girl. Now I was shy and I barely left the house except for school and other various activities. 

"Are you okay?" A voice said from behind. I cautiously turned around, unaware of who this stranger was speaking to. I glanced over my shoulders to see if anybody was around. 


"Yeah, I'm talking to you." The confident boy added. 

I assembled myself up into stance and just like that, saw a curly-haired guy staring at me, his eyes wide and glossy. 

I could feel the tears filling up in my eyes from everything I had just been thinking about. 

"I'm fine," I snapped. Sensing the stress of my tone, he took a step back and swung himself around before slowly walking in the direction of the house next door. 


I then marched my way back in to the villa and collapsed in a heap on my bed. "This bed is mine!!!" Jake screamed after discovering that I had snapped up the room with the amazing ocean view, not to mention the balcony. "You're too young to have a room with a balcony. So shut up and go to bed somewhere else!" I shouted, slamming the door. I know it wasn't the kid's fault and it wasn't right to be nasty to him but... I needed somebody to blame. Jake just happened to be there. Along with that boy from the beach. He didn't even know me. 


But little did I know what was about to happen on this 'boring' family holiday. 


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