Everlasting Friendship

For the Beat Girl Competition.Steve cares for Amy and want's to see her happy an loved. That's when the presents appear to Amy who is her secret Admirer. Instead of being flattered she's angry and going to find out who sent it?


7. Tears

I sat on the grass the tears falling from my face. My phone beeped again and again. I looked at my phone it was messages from Steve. I switched off my phone and put it on my bag. I gazed at the moon upset the only friend I thought I had lied to me and made me realise no one loved me. When a hand tapped my shoulder I turned around and stared at the stranger.

"Are you ok" he asked. I looked at him he looked cute with the floppy brown hair and brown eyes. I shaked my head wiping the tears off my face.

"It's ok crying is good it takes all your sadness away" the stranger whispered sitting beside me.

"It's a beautiful place isn't it the moon and the stars what's your name" the stranger asked.

"Amy" I whispered.

"Hi Amy I'm Jake so why are you alone this night" Jake asked. I looked at him it felt like I could trust him I told him all about Steve, the presents, Mr.X, the lies everything. He sat quietly nodding his head.

"It's like you've had a hard life sitting by yourself won't help you come on let me walk you home" Jake whispered gazing at my eyes. I took his hand and stood up wiping the grass off my trousers.

"Thanks" I mumbled.

"It's what friends are for, Friends" Jake asked taking out his hand.

"Friends" I repeated placing my hand in his.

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