Everlasting Friendship

For the Beat Girl Competition.Steve cares for Amy and want's to see her happy an loved. That's when the presents appear to Amy who is her secret Admirer. Instead of being flattered she's angry and going to find out who sent it?


6. Steve

I walked to Steve staring at him. He wore a black leather jacket and matching black jeans his eyes looking away from him a smile plastered on his face.

"We need to talk Mr.X" I shouted.

"Took you long enough to solve it" Steve laughed.

"Why did you do it and don't lie" I asked.

"Well, sympathy I have Christian but who do you have I wanted to make you feel loved and how did you find out" Steve asked.

"I didn't I asked you just to see if it was you Steve you told me who you were, you had no right to interfere in my personal life "I shouted.

"But, I'm your friend" Steve whispered.

"No your not I hate you Steve" I shout running off tears falling on my face. I ran outside and sat on the grass curled up on the grass. I looked at the sun it radiating light everywhere and the sky with not a cloud in sight. I cried and cried angry and upset with Steve but most of all upset that it was true I had no one to love me.

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