Everlasting Friendship

For the Beat Girl Competition.Steve cares for Amy and want's to see her happy an loved. That's when the presents appear to Amy who is her secret Admirer. Instead of being flattered she's angry and going to find out who sent it?


3. Meeting Christian

I shaked my head and applied my lipstick today I was going to meet the guy Steve liked called Christian and I wanted him to think of me as a good friend. I went downstairs and smiled at Steve.

"You look beautiful let's go Christian's waiting" Steve exclaimed dragging me by the hand outside to the freezing cold. We walked till we got to a blue door with a man with blonde hair and blue eyes waving at us.

"Christian" Steve whispered giving Christian a peck on the cheek .Christian looked at me and smiled a grin plastered over his face.

"And you must be Amy please come in" Christian whispered welcoming us in. I walked in and stared at the house it was like a mansion with portraits everywhere and a massive kitchen.

"Please take a seat" Christian mumbled. I sat beside Steve and looked at Steve he asked me questions about how I knew Steve also my personal life I asked him about his family and found out his parents were on holiday with his sister Amber. Christian served us some chips,peas and fish. I ate even though I hated pea's but I knew it was rude not to eat. After a while I stared at my watch and shrieked.

"I've got to go I didn't notice the time" I whispered grabbing my handbag and going to the door.

"It has been a pleasure to meet you Amy I hope we meet again" Steve whispered kissing my hand as I dashed out of his house smiling Steve had found a great boyfriend but something was wrong about him, he was just too perfect and kind.

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