Everlasting Friendship

For the Beat Girl Competition.Steve cares for Amy and want's to see her happy an loved. That's when the presents appear to Amy who is her secret Admirer. Instead of being flattered she's angry and going to find out who sent it?


1. Him

I walked over to the counter and began drinking cup after cup.  I stood up and nearly fell held by some powerful arms. I looked at the man who the arms belonged to see my friend Steve.  He was my best friend and we were like two peas in a pod inseparable.

"Amy, Why are you drinking?" Steve asks shocked to see me drunk.

"Cause I want to leave me alone Mum "I exclaim drunk.

"Amy, Your not yourself let me take you to your mum "Steve replies.

"Just because your mum's dead doesn't mean you have to nag me about my mum" I shout. Steve looks shocked and upset.  His mother had recently died in a car accident and I know Steve is sensitive about whenever I talk about his mum.

"Steve, I'm sorry" I mumble staring at Steve sad face.

"No, It's my fault why should I care if you get drunk" Steve whispers looking away.

I stand up my legs wobbly like jelly. I gaze into Steve eyes and see the tears forming in his eyes.

"Steve, I'm sorry please forgive me I don't deserve a friend as wonderful as you" I whisper holding Steve cheeks.  I kiss Steve lips slow but passionate. The kiss feels so good like I am supposed to do this I hold Steve hand and watch as he hugs me.  After a while Steve breaks the kiss.

"Amy, We can't do this No" Steve screams pulling away from me.

"Why" I ask.

"Amy, I'm sorry but I'm gay I love my boyfriend Christian" Steve groan.

"Don't be sorry" I mumble feeling foolished Steve only thought of me as a friend I misunderstood him and thought he loved me.

"I've go to go Amy Bye" Steve exclaims looking at his watch and giving me a peck on the cheek and running off.

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