Everlasting Friendship

For the Beat Girl Competition.Steve cares for Amy and want's to see her happy an loved. That's when the presents appear to Amy who is her secret Admirer. Instead of being flattered she's angry and going to find out who sent it?


11. Forever Friends

I watched Steve walk away the doctor told me he had just missed death I was so overjoyed that it hurt me that Steve ignored me. One day I couldn't take the pain any more I ran to Steve and started crying tears pouring out of my eyes.

"I'm so sorry Steve I didn't mean to say what I did and I know you won't forgive me and I don't blame you but I just wanted to say I am so sorry Steve" I cry.

"Amy, don't cry" Steve mumbles wiping the tears off my face.

"I'm sorry Steve I really am and I know friendship is the best thing in the world" I whisper.

"I forgive you" Steve replies.

"What you do even though I have been a pig to you and don't deserve a friend as wonderful as you" I whisper.

"I know" Steve mumbles.

"Thank you Steve and I promise I won't hurt you ever again" I swear.

"I know but I will always forgive you because your my best friend" Steve whispers hugging me.

"Forever friends" I whisper back and I look up to see a shooting star I close my eyes and wish for one thing: 

I wish Steve and I will be best friends forever no matter what happened's.

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