Note to self: Jay's Story.

Jay is a normal teenager - like you and me. But is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life, is she going to go to far - will she get hurt? This is the diary of Jay, telling her story through her own point of view...


2. Little Cutie.

Dear Diary,


Guess who called me a 'little cutie' on Friday? Go on, guess? Yeah, he did! My crush actually called me a 'little cutie'. I'm so happy! Actually, happy is an understatement - I'm ecstatic! 

I was at my friend, April's birthday sleepover on Saturday when we started talking - through twitter but still. We were talking about each others nights and then he called me it - a 'little cutie'. I couldn't stop smiling, it was more excitement then the party. Obviously, it didn't just happen like 'that' there was more to it, but that conversation is for me to know and for you to find out. ;)


I'm really starting to think about telling him, that I like him - a lot! I mean c'mon what's not to like? He gives me advice when I ask or when he knows there is something wrong, he never fails to make me laugh, his smile is just, 'ahh' - seriously, it makes me melt and he just makes me happy. But what happens if he doesn't see me in the same light? I'm no good with guys any more - it's been 4 years. 4 stupid, long, horrible years.


Note to self: Think this one through before you do something stupid.


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