Note to self: Jay's Story.

Jay is a normal teenager - like you and me. But is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life, is she going to go to far - will she get hurt? This is the diary of Jay, telling her story through her own point of view...


6. I can't do it.

Dear Diary,


I can't, I can't do this anymore. It's been 7 months. 7 months since we last spoke, last smiled at each other and the last time we liked each other. We hate each other now, hate is a strong word - but it's genuine hate inside of me. I can't stand him. He didn't believe me, he shouted at me, screamed at me and now look where we are. He's got a girlfriend, he's always smiling, he's always happy and in a way that makes me happy. They make such a cute couple, even if its just for the fact that she's tiny and he's really tall.

i miss him in a way. I miss the fact that he was my best friend and he didn't know it, he made me smile and he didn't know it and now he doesn't realise that I was actually telling the truth and he was too stubborn. It was over my decision, my decision to go to prom with someone, while he was going with his friends. I was going to prom with someone as a friend but he didn't believe me. The person I was going with has a girlfriend, so it was just plain stupid - there was no love involved.

Note to self: stay strong, believe in yourself and don't fall too hard next time.

Dear the person in question,

I hate you. I hate what you did to me, I hate the fact that you never believed me and the fact that I proved it. I've apologised but you won't accept it and I just want you to know that I'm happy for you because you're finally happy. I hope that life will be good for you and that one day we will laugh about this in the future. Have a nice life.

Love Jay x


So that's it, I'm deliberately not adding to this story because every chapter is genuinely true. I done a stupid thing, he didn't believe me and to be honest from the start, it wasn't going to go anywhere. I'm sorry if you really loved this story but it doesn't feel right to carry it on when it's based on a really person and events. I hope to write a new story, based on everything that happens in my life - which I hope you'll read and enjoy. Take care and thank you for taking your time to read this story. 

I haven't wrote in a while, this is one of the reasons. Another reason is that I have had some exams and there is still more to come. In 6 weeks time I'll be done so hopefully I will continue writing. 

Take care, Jay x 

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