Note to self: Jay's Story.

Jay is a normal teenager - like you and me. But is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life, is she going to go to far - will she get hurt? This is the diary of Jay, telling her story through her own point of view...


5. How could he?

It has been four weeks since his Birthday - he was fine at his party but since it's someone else's party, he has to get drunk and he has to do stupid things! How could he do that? Right in front of my face, a metre away. He knows how I feel about him, I thought he felt the same. I shouldn't of ran away from him like that but if I stayed, he may of thought that I was a push over. He did shout of me, maybe, just maybe he wants to talk things over - maybe it's not his fault. He did look like he was enjoying it though. I should of knew that he was like this, my friends warned me beforehand - when I was crushing on him. I'm not orange, I don't have a stick thin figure and I'm still a virgin. No wonder he doesn't feel the same way, if I'm not like that. That kiss though it meant something - actually, it 'could' of meant something! Why did he do that?! Why?! What have I done wrong? He was blind drunk though, that's probably why. Wait, I'm making excuses for him now - STOP!

Note to self: Stop making excuses for him, he did what he did...

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