The Little Drawings

Romalo is just a sixteen year old girl trying to fit in. She's abused daily by her own thoughts and emotions. The little drawings on her hand are the only things keeping her from continuing her horrible addiction.

Why are the drawings on her arms and wrists there? Will anyone ever understand?


2. SkyLight News

School was horrible. The people, the teachers, the classes, everything was horrible. Except for one girl. My best friend Willow was the most amazing person on earth. She had flowing blonde hair, beautifully tall and slim whereas I had short, boyish red hair and I was small and a little chubby. We couldn't be more opposite, but somehow opposites attract.  


"Romola!" shouted Willow as she raced across the science corridor. Her voice took me away from my thoughts. 

"Wiilow!" I shouted back, in the same way she had called to me. She looked like excited and she told me big news. 

"I got two tickets to the SkyLight concert for next Saturday and you're coming with me!" she squealed excitedly. 


SkyLight were a boy band who appealed to teenage girls like us as they were young, good looking and they sung just the right things to make girls fall in love. Truth is they were just styled rubbish who are auto-tuned to pulp. They are only famous for their good looks and winning smiles. I was dreading it!


But Willow had always believed I loved SkyLight just as much as she did. I had pretended that I loved them because I just wanted to fit in. I would stick out like a sore thumb if I admitted to not liking them and really loved listening to rock. Usually dark rock, something with a meaning and not just a silly tune and catchy lyrics hidden behind good looks and smiles. That isn't the definition of music.  


"Yay that's amazing, but I thought they were all sold out?" I questioned. 

"I won them on a radio station, we are in a private booth!" she screamed. She looked so happy.

"Wow, are you serious? I'm stunned" I replied. I was shocked she'd gone to so much effort. 

"Yes, would I really lie? But you have to wear something stylish. No more long sleeves, let your arms free once in a while. It's the middle of July for crying out loud!" she said. 


That was the thing Willow didn't get about me. I hadn't told her my need to cover my arms. She thought I was normal and that was never going to change. So I laughed nervously with her. 

"And you really need to take the silly drawings of your arm. They're cute and all but they're probably not the best thing to be sporting at a SkyLight concert. Oh my goodness I'm so excited" she said, still very hyper.

Then the bell went and we left for our lessons. Nobody will ever learn the true meaning behind my silly little doodles. 




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