The Little Drawings

Romalo is just a sixteen year old girl trying to fit in. She's abused daily by her own thoughts and emotions. The little drawings on her hand are the only things keeping her from continuing her horrible addiction.

Why are the drawings on her arms and wrists there? Will anyone ever understand?


1. Prolouge

I ran my hand across arm. The scars weren't fading. And I don't think they will. 


I picked up my blade, held it steadily in my hand. That little object gave me so much power, so much control of the way I thought and the way I felt. I help up the blade to my arm and eased ever so closely to my arm.


But somehow I couldn't. Somehow the rational side of my brain took over and allowed me to hurtle the blade across the room and make a hole in my bedroom wall. That was close. I had almost killed my little drawing of a heart on my wrist. 


These little drawings help me stay alive. I can't ever harm them. It'd hurt to much.


I'm Romola. A messed up 16 year old. And this is my story of hate, sorrow, misery and friendship.......



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