summer party of 2012

i got invited to a party on the beach at night. one direction was there but nobody knew.i ran into niall but since it was dark and he had a hat on i didnt know it was him. we ended up talking the whole time having alot in common


3. Party Time!

We left at 6:30 we got there right at 7:00. Alot of people  were there. I knew alot of them that was there. Emily saw some of her other friends so she went to go hangout with them. Since i was alone i went to go look for a spot to lay down. Thats when i accidently ran into a guy. I couldnt really tell who it was but i could tell  he was cute. I sat down and he asked to join me i sure. We were talkin for a good half an hour when they started to play one of my favorite songs. He got up and started to dance neither one of us could dance.

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