summer party of 2012

i got invited to a party on the beach at night. one direction was there but nobody knew.i ran into niall but since it was dark and he had a hat on i didnt know it was him. we ended up talking the whole time having alot in common


1. Getting invited

Today i was at school and  taylor came to my locker at the end of the day telling that  i was invited to his party. He told me its tonight at 7:00 p.m. bring your swim suit and a towel. I couldnt wait it sound like it would be really fun. I asked was i aloud to bring anyone with me he said yes but only one person. When he told that i went to go find my friend emily  to tell her that we were invited to taylors party she started to scream. I couldnt help but laugh and jump with her. I told her what to bring and what  time to  come to my house to go to the party.

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