summer party of 2012

i got invited to a party on the beach at night. one direction was there but nobody knew.i ran into niall but since it was dark and he had a hat on i didnt know it was him. we ended up talking the whole time having alot in common


4. Finding out it was Niall

After a while i asked for his name. He said niall i was like oh cute name. The he asked for mine i told him andrea he said he liked it. I thought for a minute and i said niall for 1D? He yeah oh thats really cool so i started to aske him questions about being in 1D. He asked me if i was a fan i said yeah.He asked whoes my favorite i told him it was him. When i told him that he said thank you for treating me like a normal person instead of scream when you found out it was me. Since we been talking and hanging out for so long the party was over and i had to get home. He had to go to so he asked me for my  number. We ended up hanging out the next time they came to my town.

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