A summer love

Lucy can't believe her luck when she gets a summer job in an amzing location but when liam payne turns up she is overwhelmed with joy...


9. Home not alone


Liam got home to his, Louis's, Harry's, Niall's and Zayn's massive flat and threw himself onto the sofa. "Where have you been?" Louis came in from the kitchen, followed by the rest of the boys, all carrying bowls of popcorn and sweets.

"Out." Liam didn't want them to know the details, it wasn't like she was going to ring him anyway.


"With a girl."

A huge cry of 'oooh' burst out of Harry and Niall's mouth's. "Whatever." Liam's phone starting vibrating and din't stop until he picked it up. "Hello?"

"It's me, Lucy. I'm so sorry." Liam could hear her crying at the end of the phone and felt so sorry for her.

"What's the matter?"

"It's my mum, she's gone away and I'm alone." Liam knew he had to do something, he couldn't just let her cry.

"Wait for me, I'm coming over to your house. Where do you live?"

After writing down instructions he grabbed his coat and some money and ran out the flat. "Where are you going?" Louis's voice echoed after Liam.

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