A summer love

Lucy can't believe her luck when she gets a summer job in an amzing location but when liam payne turns up she is overwhelmed with joy...


8. Home alone


Lucy ran all the way home, only pausing to gasp for breath. She got inside her house and called out. "Sorry I'm late mum!" Only silence greeted Lucy. "Mum?" Again, there was no answer.

Lucy crept into the kitchen where she saw a piece of paper lying on the pale blue table. She picked it up and read it:

Hello darling,

I have to go out for work, I will be back in a few days

love you lots and lots



p.s you can order in a pizza

A tear rolled down Lucy's cheek and fell with a plop onto the paper. At the most exciting time of her life her mum wasn't there to witness it. A loud sob escaped from her mouth and soon she was sitting on her sofa, tears streaming down her face, creating wet patches on her lilac hoodie. She had no idea who to turn to. Then suddenly she had an idea, she looked down at her arm. Written on her arm was a number, slightly smudged from tears but still legible. Just before she had left Liam had said he would always be there for her. 06407756202, her phone bleeped at every number she pressed. She pressed her slim finger on the green button and held the phone against her face. It was ringing...

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