A summer love

Lucy can't believe her luck when she gets a summer job in an amzing location but when liam payne turns up she is overwhelmed with joy...


10. He's the one

Liam and Lucy-

Liam knocked on the door, then entered. "Lucy?"

"In here." Liam ran into her living room where Lucy lay on the sofa. He ran over and embraced her in a big hug.

"It's ok now, I'm here. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy..." He paused before adding. "And to make you mine."

"I'm already yours. I always have been." Lucy stopped crying, she felt safe now that Liam was there. She always had done.

Liam stood up and pulled Lucy to her feet. "We're going to see the rest of the band, to cheer you up. I can't stand it when you are upset."


Liam drove her back to the flat where he slipped his key into the lock. He turned it half-way, then stopped to kiss Lucy on the lips. He was so smooth, so tender. He finished turning the key the stepped into the flat beckoning for Lucy to follow him. "Hello"? It was Zayn. Lucy felt overwhelmed with happiness, she was in a flat with One Direction. Not to mention, with the guy she loved.

Later, surrounded by One Direction and her arm around Liam's waist Lucy felt properly happy for the first time in ages. Liam was the one, the one she had been searching for all her life...

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