A summer love

Lucy can't believe her luck when she gets a summer job in an amzing location but when liam payne turns up she is overwhelmed with joy...


2. Bonjour Liam!


Liam sauntered in through the big arched office door with the rest of One Direction and slumped down in a vast armchair. It was 7am and he was jet-lagged from the eight hour plane journey. "Why is it always me that gets jet-lagged? None of the others do." He muttered angrily to himself as the rest of One Direction perched eagerly on their seats. "What are we doing here?" Louis turned to Zayn but his question was only answered with a shrug. Harry stifled a giggle as Zayn picked up a bright red pocket mirror and stared at his handsome features. "Zayn the vain!" Harry, Louis and Niall chanted in unison while Liam sighed despairingly, he had heard it all before. "You always look at yourself! You're such a vain-"

The door banged open, cutting Harry off and causing Liam to jump, and Simon Cowell strolled in. "Hello boys."

A mixture of heey's and hi's, apart from Louis's 'bonjour', echoed back. Simon Briskly sat down in his huge throne-like chair and noticed Liam slouched in his seat. "Are you ok, Liam?"

Liam grunted before adding. "Jet-lag."

"Sleep it off." Simon turned to One Direction and smiled. "You'll be starting your tour here, tonight. I just wanted to wish you good luck." Simon gave his salute-like wave, got up and marched out the door, accompanied by his huge bodyguards. Louis stood up and laughed before adding. "Bonjour, me little french buddies."

"That has to be the world's worst accent." Niall grinned cheekily, showing his pure white braces before getting up and walking out the door, closely followed by the others. A snore caused Zayn to turn around and snigger as Liam lay sleeping in his chair, his mouth wide open. "Leave him." Louis grabbed Zayn's arm and dragged him away.

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