Dragon Flight

The dragons are angry . . . and they want revenge . . .


2. The day I've been dreading for weeks

One thousand years ago, three Spellcasters were taking an evening stroll across a beach when they saw a bright light surrouding a hill set a few hundred yards out to sea.

'It must be a sign!' exclaimed the first Spellcaster.

He explained to the other two how he thought that the golden glow around the hill must mean that it should be the place for the newly appointed Sorerers to live.

'We shall build the grandest castle for them on this hill,' shouted the second Spellcaster.

The third Spellcaster had his doubts about whether building a castle on an uninhabitable hill surrounded by water was a good idea or not, but soon forgot his worries when he saw the amount of men from the Kingdom willing to help build it.

Stone by stone, parts of the castle were brought along the narrow passage of sand left clear of water when the tide went out. After eight long years of work, the castle was finally finished and the Sorcerers settled into it.

The three Spellcasters stood once again in the place where the had had their idea to build the castle, bursts of pride swelling inside them for without them there would be no castle at all.

And that is why the Sorcerers' castle rests atop a hill a little way out into sea.

I look blanky at the pages. Even my most boring book on the Kingdom's history can't tempt my mind into sleep. I drop it onto the floor and blow out my candles, snuggling under the covers. I really don't want tommorow to happen - I wish that I could just skim over that part of my life. Just the thought of the next day's events makes me feel nausious.

Even though I'm awake for almost all of the night, it feels like hardly any time has passed when the first of the Sun's rays peep through my window. I'm in a daze of nervousness as my maid dresses me and I go down for breakfast.

My father, the Kingdom's Sorcerer, is sitting in his usual place at the head of the table. My mother is on his right with his mother in law, Tessa, on his left. I go to sit next to Grandma Tessa as normal, my older brother Nathaniel opposite me.

'You look nice today, Aira,' my mother remarks. I nod and smile weakly.

For the next ten minutes, all I do is push some scrambled egg around my plate. I don't want to eat.

There's a knock at the breakfast room door and the head steward walks in.

'The Watsons are here, sir,' he says to my father.

'Bring them in,' my father says, beaming, 'we're just about finished anyway.'

Taking the hint, a couple of servants clear away the plates of food as the steward leads in three people. This is it, I think, forcing a smile across my face.

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