Dragon Flight

The dragons are angry . . . and they want revenge . . .


1. Prologue

My dragon's back is scaley and hard. I cling on as hard as I can but no matter how much I try I always find myself dangerously slipping sideways. His wings beat strongly and quickly, propelling us into the sky. With each flap of his wings, his whole body jolts, making me scarily close to falling off. I loop my arms round his neck and hold on for dear life. The drop below me is huge and we're still getting higher. The thought makes me feel queasy, but then I realise that actually the larger the gap between us and the ground, the better. I nervously peer past my dragon and down to the valley below us. I watch as we fly up away from the ground, up away from the Kingdom and up away from the danger.

'It's OK, boy,' I shout into my dragon's unproportionally small ears. 'It's OK - we're safe now.'

For a while I think that the wind has whipped my words into the air behind me, but then he turns his head round to look at me. I stare into his huge, completly brown eyes which are full of intelligence and friendliness like they always are. But there's also relief in them as well now and gratitude too, I think.

He turns to look where he is going again and relaxes his body a little, slowing down but never losing any height - that would be far too dangerous. Some of my panic and fear has seeped out of me and has been replaced by adrenaline.  Right now at the moment I feel like I could do anything and that everything is somehow going to sort itself out. For the first time in days a smile creeps onto my face and I scream with the thrill of the moment because I've just escaped the ineviatable, achieved the impossible and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as I'm the one high up in the sky flying on the back of a dragon and I'm the one who has just brought victory across the whole Kingdom and I'm the one who had just done what everyone thought I was nowhere near capable of.

I gingerly remove one arm from around my dragon's neck and dig my knees in hard to his body. I can feel his bones moving beneath me, constanly working to keep us airborne. I know he must be getting tired and that we need to land soon, but for now I just want to hold onto this moment for a little longer. When I feel safe enough I pull my other arm from around his neck and fan them out behind me. I grip as tightly as I can to him with my legs and try not to think about the long drop to the ground (but if I did fall, I'm sure he would catch me). The wind whips my hair behind me, working it into an unmanagable frizz but I don't care. All I care about is the thrill of flying two hundred and fifty feet into the air, watching the Kingdom fall far far behind me. I scream not from fear, but from the excitment flowing through my body. My dragon makes his funny little screeching sound which I've come to interperate as laughter. He stops beating his wings and we glide smoothly through the sky. Girl with dragon. Friend with friend.

'Why was I ever afraid of riding you, boy?' I yell over the thundering wind. 'This is amazing!'

I close my eyes, arms still outstreched, and breath deeply. Salty air tickles my nostrils - so we're going to the oceanside, the safest place to rest and work out what to do next. Never missed a trick, my dragon.

With no warning at all, my dragon jerks to the left. My eyes snap open with the shock of it and, with only my legs holding me on, I find myself slipping off his back. My stomach luches in panic as I frantically scramble onto him again, for a while clinging on with only one hand. He shifts his body so it's easier for me to swing myself back into a safer position. Once I'm sitting on his back again, I hold on as tightly as I can. My dragon is flying faster than he ever has before even though I know he must be exhausted. I feel his fright radiating out of him and know that something must be wrong.

I raise my head ever so slightly and search for the source of danger. When I look directly behind me, I see a sight which almost makes me fall off my dragon again: flying at full speed is the biggest dragon I have ever come across before. It's about twice the size of my dragon and looks twice as stong. Its scales are jet black with flecks of brown and navy blue scattered all over it. As it flaps its wings in giant, confident strokes, I realise that it is moving closer and closer to me and my dragon and that it will soon catch up with us. It suddenly occurs to me that my dragon sacrificed what little of a headstart he had when he slowed down to stop me falling off him. I feel tears begin to form around the corners of my eyes at his loyalty. Then I think of his own beautiful eyes full of life and love. I turn around and look at the eyes of the dragon chasing us - they are locked on us and blazing with anger and determination. Its notsrills fare and puffs of smole burst out each of them. The dragon beats its powerful wings and flies even quicker.

'Come on, boy, fly faster!' I scream. It seems obsurd that only a minute ago we had escaped danger and were soaring through the air without a care in the world. 'Faster! Faster!'

As if he needs my encouragement.

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