The Time Of My Life

Cassie Holmes never expected to win the Win a Date with One Direction creative writing competition. She had only entered because it gave her another excuse to write; something she loves to do. She’s not really a fan of the boy band, but when she meets her date of choice, Zayn Malik, she can’t help but feel drawn to him. Zayn is focused on his career as a member of One Direction, but after reading Cassie's winning entry he is intrigued. Meeting her in person, he is taken with her wit and charm. Will what starts out as just a publicity stunt become something more?


5. CASSIE: Afterwards

During the following days, I kept thinking back to my date with Zayn and checking my iPhone.  I knew it was silly to want him to call, especially since I hadn’t given him my number, but I couldn’t help but hope for it.

I’d set one the photographs I’d taken of Zayn during our date as the wallpaper for my iPhone.  It was a candid shot that I took at the Museum of Natural History when he wasn’t looking.  If he did notice I probably looked like I was taking a photo of something near to him like the exhibit he had been looking at.

I liked sharing a part of my mother’s culture with him, and I like that he shared part of his father’s with me.  The Pakistani dinner was delicious.  Not too spicy and not too oily.

I enjoyed spending the day with him, and I was disappointed that it had to end.  I couldn’t remember the last time I’d like so much with a boy.

I thought it was really sweet of him to walk me up to my room.  I made up my mind to kiss then and there before I lost my nerve.

After I’d closed the door I’d leant my back against it for a while, just playing the kiss over and over in my head, all the while with a silly smile on my face.

I’d related the whole story to Mamma when I’d arrived the next afternoon.

If I’d went off to another room for something I would check for any missed calls, even though the volume was set high enough for me to hear in any part of the house.

My phone began playing Sheena Easton’s Lover In Me.

I glanced at the screen.  The caller ID said it was an unknown number.

I touched the screen to answer and placed it at my ear.  “Hello?”

“Hi Cassie,” a familiar voice said.

For a moment I unsure to whether my mind was playing a cruel trick on me.  “Zayn?”

He chuckled.  “Glad you still remember me,” he teased.

“How did you get my number?” I asked.

“Jeunesse’s magazine editor gave it to me,” he replied.

I smiled.  From what I observed of him on our date, Zayn could charm the spots off a leopard when he tried.  In the media, Zayn was portrayed as the vain one but was actually quite shy.

“Why would you do that?” I wanted to know.

“Maybe because I really enjoyed your company,” Zayn said, slyly.  “And wanted to see you again.”

My heart jumped.  He wanted to see me again!

But unfortunately we couldn’t meet up again for a few weeks as he was going to be busy with the final recording for the band’s new album.  So we decided to keep in touch for a bit before we met up again, so he gave me his personal phone number.

I was definitely not going to advertise that I had it.  That would be asking for trouble.

Then we talked a bit about what was currently going on in each other’s lives.

I told him about a couple of poems I’d written since the date and a new story I was just starting.  And he told me some more about his work with the band and a just a little bit about their new album.

I admitted to him that I did buy a couple of One Direction’s singles and music videos for research.  He’d laughed and said he should have expected that from me.

We also exchanged e-mail addresses.  I knew that as a member of a successful band, his time would be limited so there would be times when we wouldn’t even be able to talk on the phone.  But at least we could messages each other by text or e-mail.

When we both hung up I was jumping up and down with excitement inside.

I definitely couldn’t wait to see him again.

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