My Twin is a Spy

The twins, Kylie and Cassidy, wasn't born in a normal family. Not at all. Their parents are working as hardtrained spies for FBI while the girls are used to go to homeschool and spy train everyday. But what happens when their parents leaving the country for a mission and they have to start in school like a normal teenager. That may sound easy to you, but when you've never been in contact with 'normal' people, it's not. Follow Kylie and Cassidy in the movella "My Twin Is A Spie" where they fight with boyfriends, homework and stop hitting people in self-defence!

Sorry if there's some grammatical or other flaws, I'm only 12 and from Denmark. Hope you enjoy anyway:)


1. Being a Spy

I love when it's spring and everything is fresh and green, you can hear the birds sing and the weather is dry. But this day, I did really apriciated it. Me and Cassidy had freeday, but only from homeschool. We were training on the basketball court, self-defence and how to make a person throw up, nomatter if their stomach was empty or not. The sun was very strong, so try to imagen Spie-training on that day (or run a tour, very fast). I mean Spie-training ain't for sissies. It's actually very hard, but as you get used to it, it gets easier. But anyway, we had no choice, we had to train, 'cause or future were already planned. We should become hardtrained spies and agents for FBI. Our faith, our destiney. It may sound a bit hard to live up to or unfair, but I think that both Cassidy and me wanted it so bad.
While I was in my own world I didn't realized that I had stopped kicking to that humansized-doll we had to make fall (wich wasn't easy, by the way). I was standing there, watching Cassidy, nearly kill that thing and got pretty scared. She could sure kill me, easly, with her tempremant. Boom! The doll fall to ground and Cassidy stoped hitting. She looked to the ground, gave it a last kick and looked at me. Her brown, short hair framed her face. She was smiling and her eyes was glowing of happiness.
"I see your crimerider-doll ran away" she says. And stupid as I am I look. Ofcourse it's still there. I look at her teasing face.
I kick the doll 3 times more and watch it fall to the ground. "Did you Said something" I ask and laugh.

Me and Cassidy might not be good friends all the time, but we have no chance to meet other teenagers, so we have to respect eachother - or no company. But the good news were, not anymore. Mom and dad got a phone call yesterday. A FBI-man told them about a crimerider (that's what me and Cassidy call bad people) in Russia. So they had to go, on a mission. While they were away we had to go to a normal school, for normal kids, in a normal town. But you have to trust me when I say I'm worried. I don't know how to react, I have never meet peopel in my age, who aren't like me... Except my twin. There's sure girls and boys like us, training to be spies, but not in this town. Most spies and agents lives in a small town, 'cause we don't wanna get recognized.
It was morning in our town (I am going to tell you the name, then I would break the Spie-rules. Maybe your a crazy terrorist who wants to ruin the Spie and agent-scheme, FBI, or just like to blow things up?) Mom and dad had just left and we were alone in the big house with our butler, Ryan. Ryan was an earlier agent, but when he lost his arm, he couldn't work for FBI anymore. Dad and Ryan was good friends, so dad hired him. We like Ryan alot, he's funny, sweet, clever and like to help us in Spie training, even when he's not one himself, anymore.
   We were sitting in the kitchen bar, eating cornflakes and drinking milk, each independently. Wierd, I know. Cassidy turned on the TV. Old cartoons were always running on the screen at morning. I liked it, but it seemed like it was annoying to Cassidy. She changed to next Channel. More old cartoons. Her face was like stone.
"Argh!" she exclaimed.
"Old cartoons are funny" I tried, but she pushed next. And next, and next, and next... And so on. Cassidy was addicted to reality TV, that's what she means is fun. She turned the TV of and drsnk her milk up. She was so mad (don't worry, it's just her temperament).
"Lets do something else" she said and tried to show a smile. I noded. And only some seconds after, we were standing in the basketball court - again.
"Hit me" she said.
I was confused. "What? No! Why?"
"Just do it" she replied.
I did as she said and struck out after her cheak with a flat hand. She grabed around wrist and turned it around my bag. With her knee she pushed me to the ground.
"Auuuugh!" I screamed, wondering if Ryan heard it.
"Does this hurt?" she wanted to know?
"Yes!!" I screamed.
She let go and I falles to the ground. "You're okay?"
I noded and hugged her. Why? You might think. And here comes the answer: I grabed her hair so her fell backwards. I removes her legs under her and in a secound she was laying at the ground. I turned her around so she was laying at her stomach, grabbes her wristes and ankels and pulled them against eachother.
"Auuuugh!" she screamed like I did. I let go and she her to her head.
"Thanks" she said, ironic ofcourse.
Cassidy were always in fight mood. She liked using her body and make people think she's weak, and then nearly kill them. I was afraid of how she would react in school. 'Cause school were already tomorrow. Could she find any friends, or should I be more afraid of myself? Like you maybe already have guessed I'm the head, and Cassidy the body. Mom keep calling us 'the perect team'. But unestly I don't want to work with my twin when I grow up. Well, I love here... But if you have a twin or sister you might feel with me (brothers might work too). And she's been the only person around my age, I have known for 14 years. So I stopped thinking of the worst things that could happen tomorrow, and started thinking of the positive.
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