The Dark Woods Circus

Miku Hatsune= The deformed diva. People take children into the forest and change them and keep them. Torture them and brake them but she will not be broken, not yet. Written by Alisa! xx


2. She won't get me until she kills me... which is pretty soon.


Apparently they had been waiting for me, the tenth of their group to join them; most of them where going to die, we knew that much. How? No such luck. We were never told past that because parents knew that it would give us nightmares and now I couldn’t stop having nightmares that haunted not only my nights but my mornings.

The day after my birthday we were told that we were heading out. They didn’t tell us where, of course, when you have no compassion for the body of the child why would you spread some for the curious and willing mind? You wouldn’t, and that was why we were all shaking as we heard the children wail uncontrollably to the left of us. The boy with midnight brown hair to the right of me, the one with no arm had nearly bled to death last night. I gave him my flowers though, we all got some and he had all ready been burned and therefore all ready used his flowers. My bets were that he wasn’t going to make it though the next few days so might as well spend them in what I now considered ‘luxury’.

The girl next to me yelped as I saw the Ringmaster grab her arm and pull it out of the cage. The Ringmaster raised a tattoo gun to the girls arm; I knew this contraption because my friend’s father owned one of those shops. The girl withered in pain as the tamer pieced her with the black ink. I couldn’t hear anything over the girl’s ear destroying screams but if I could it would be the tamer’s laughs and then the loud buzzing of the gun.

The tamer wrote fast despite her enjoyment, writing with thick numbers, the end product looked like this: ‘06’. When she reached my cage I poked my arm out so she didn’t have to hurt me and pull it out. If I wasn’t wearing the twisted expression I was I had the suspicion that she probably would have said something to me but I stared her in the eyes as she stencilled the number to my arm, even daring myself to smile when she had stopped. I was the only one who acted like they weren’t scared of her and she was pissed. I really didn’t want to give her a reason to hate me but my urge to show her she couldn’t control me.

Once everyone was branded with their numbers and my arm had stopped stinging like crazy I allowed myself to look for what number I had. I thought I would be five or seven for obvious reasons but I wasn’t- I had the number ‘01’ printed on my now red raw limb. That meant I was either first or last... either way I was doomed and the Tamer knew that. I guess that was her payback.

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