The Dark Woods Circus

Miku Hatsune= The deformed diva. People take children into the forest and change them and keep them. Torture them and brake them but she will not be broken, not yet. Written by Alisa! xx


3. Red flower room


Chapter 3

We travelled for a long time, this time I didn’t try to count the corners because I knew there was no coming back. The pain had dimmed down after I had slept and when I woke up we were nearly there, wherever there was. I suddenly started to panic, I had tried to keep calm but the reality suddenly hit me. This was the part we were told about when we were cradled in our beds and that was for a reason. We had heard the children we tortured and even cut deeply and what was worst- they felt every moment, every slice but 10,000X more.

We approached a white building very slowly and I was sure it was to make me crazy, I was sure my brain was scrambling inside my skull when a hand squeezed my shoulder. I jumped comically and screamed silently. The tamer looked along the cages, the acid in her hand bubbling like the cries of babies. I looked to the cage of the girl who had touched me, my eyebrows shooting up so far I was afraid they would disappear into my hairline. She was giggling under her hand and her head was bowed and shaking. When she looked up time seemed to slow and she unleashed a bright smile, her eyes were screwed up because of her cheeks lifting as she smiled.

“I’m sorry,” her voice was stuttering as her shoulders bounced “but that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen since they took me.” She opened her large, teal eyes and batted them, showing off long eyelashes. She was wearing a dark blue hoodie with her white dress which, I inspected, had no pockets in case she had anything with her. Pulling down her hood she relieved a pleat down to her hip in unbelievable ebony. She held out her hand to me and I took it warmly, she whispered though the bars “It’s okay, don’t be scared. They only want to bring you down.”

I nodded, I knew that and I had lost sight of it. We exchanged names soon after shaking hands. “Momoko Yuri,” when she told me that it made me grin back. It was so weird that she was the same girl who was letting lose a scream that tore up my ear drums yesterday because she was now so... gentle and almost graceful if it wasn’t for her stunning appearance. She was older than me, or she at least looked it; she was taller than me but then again everyone said I was older that I looked so maybe it was the opposite for her.

We talked the whole way there, laughing and talking about how life was before we were captured. She told me that she wasn’t going to make it but she said I must, to tell her family what happened to her. I promised if I did survive then I would get to her family, she started to cry and I sat there looking at her because I didn’t know what to do. The boy behind me started to wail as the cages stopped and they started lifting people into the facility.

Every eye was on the first person to get out, a young girl about my age with a long pink fringe and hair levelling half way on her back. She was draped down the shoulder of a bulky Russian man; she kicked and failed until the Tamer had her put down. The girl lay on her knees and the Tamer brought her up so she stood before her, she looked so small in front of the red women. The Tamer brought down her knife of one of her legs and it collapsed next to her. I saw her struggle to stand next to tamer and look her in the eye but she just collapsed. I knew she was crying but I couldn’t hear her from so far away. I guess she used her flowers already because she just left the stump to bleed.

Everyone else was taken in and showed no complaints; if they had they knew what would happen and everyone stayed still like a broad until we were given to a room. It was like the room of an insane asylum only we had shackles instead of suits. There was a single window to each room and it showed the same thing- direct views to a flower room. Red flowers sprayed across the window and muffled loud noises and laughter came from it. The most beautiful was the sound of riving metal that hummed in a steady beat above the laughter. The worst was when it stopped and you heard the blood curdling screams. I refuse to think they do things bad- it’s just a pretty flower room, a blooming red flower room.

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