The Dark Woods Circus

Miku Hatsune= The deformed diva. People take children into the forest and change them and keep them. Torture them and brake them but she will not be broken, not yet. Written by Alisa! xx


5. My last day in the ward.

I'm so alone. Everything is so quite; except for the breathing of the Russian goons and the dreary, insomniac sighs of The Tamer. My sense have tripled since I've been in here. I've been able to catch all the water in my mouth and sometimes it even makes me feel... refreshed. But there's no time to think about that.

While the rest of the white facility sleeps I am up, bashing on the walls and again my eyes wander crazily around the room until I'm subdued to believe the white, white room is my bedroom. With the posters for AKB48 hung on the wall and the desk in the far corner. While lying down on my bed I hear the creaking of the door open.

"Number 1" The gruff, Russian voice calls out my new name and I race to the door like a well-trained puppy.

I've been waiting for this day, it's my turn. My time to show them I can pass... It's a test and if you fail- the Blue Beast get's you, I've heard the whispers. The twin's suffered their own fate and now it's time to face mine.

She came too, the circus master, with her red hair more chopped than before, her eyes wide and crazy and a curled back, creepy smile that makes me shiver. She wants me now, and I want her to deal with me- she deals out the test and I /will/ pass. No-matter how much pain they put my through.

I crawl out the steal door, my tongue lolling out of my mouth and they hoist me up, dragging me to the red flower room.

The first thing I notice about the flower room is, for a flower room it doesn't have much flowers- not any actually... It's blood. Oh well, not mine so why should I care? The other children didn't love me. They'd have me killed if they could and I them.

She lifts me, as if I'm precious and lays he across the cold table, the cold against my heated skin feels like bliss... I almost miss the first incision. She cuts the skin in a circle around both my thighs and takes a scalper to my head. When I scream they throw acid on my face, so I don't scream. I only cry and even when I cry the acid burns.

But I passed the test... and the Blue Beast got my legs... so I've made a new friend too...

This is the happiest day of my life.

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