The Dark Woods Circus

Miku Hatsune= The deformed diva. People take children into the forest and change them and keep them. Torture them and brake them but she will not be broken, not yet. Written by Alisa! xx


4. Black And White Ward.

It's been 6 days, I've just sat here in this room every single day. They won't let me eat, they won't let me drink until they turn on the tap for a few seconds. Sometimes I spend my whole day under the water pipe. I heard a rustling, whispering, feet hitting the ground. This would have been normal if it wasn't for the lack of shouting. The Russian man had usually come by this time but as the blonde twins came into view I noticed there was something wrong- the man wasn't with them any more. The boy took the lead even though he was the youngest and his feet padded along the cold white floor. He inched past the flower room and whispered to his sister. I noticed there was something wrong with each of them- their eyes had different colours and they looked somehow infected with it. The older twin looked insane and the boy looked worried.

He turned to her as he did I noticed something on his cheek the one below his good eye. A cross of some sorts. "Where's the exit Rin?" he asked softly but hurriedly. Something in his voice made me realize he was holding back tears, the girl pointed to the red spattered room and he rushed in after a longing, tearful look at his sister. He left the door ajar and fled into it. The girl loitered around not sure what to do until she saw me. Her eyes were somewhat evil and she walked to my door and banged on it. I scuttled away but she opened the window from the outside and tore at my face. Her claws raked down my face and my eye swelled. She broke off some of the glass and scratched my back the pain was surprisingly sore as I had felt almost numb over the past few days. 

Blood dripped down my back and by the time I looked back she was gone, in her place were a bunch of men, all with weapons. The boy came out of the flower room and looked at them. He screamed a name then "Rin!" I think it was before the men ran forwards. The girl came up behind them, carrying the same glass piece and chopped the men down like trees.

I admired her love and strength for her brother until what happened next. I saw that the boy was holding hands with someone, one of the other children- they were escaping together. The sister took the little girl and ripped her chest open with the glass. Her hands were slippery with her own blood and others from hold the knife so tight that it had cut her hands. He turned then and closed the flower door, slamming it on her face. It knocked her unconscious and the boy ran up to me.

I smiled but he looked scared, I concluded that it must have been the blood- if I have enough fluid in my body I'd be crying water but I wasn't I was crying... blood. I wiped the tear away and looked in my reflection- a steady flow of red ran down each of my eyes. He was holding in a scream but he still looked worried- was he trying to escape? I had no time to tell him before it happened. I heard the gravel crunching before she arrived.

He was pulled back by a slender, white arm and slammed to the floor. The twin flashed me a grin before hopping on top of his and carving out his eye as he slowly was drained of blood and dumped in the flower room by an injured Russian slave. She was lead somewhere.

I saw her again today... she has two blue eyes, one of them is his but they both look worried- she's going into the flower room. I doubt and hope I will ever see her again.


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