The Dark Woods Circus

Miku Hatsune= The deformed diva. People take children into the forest and change them and keep them. Torture them and brake them but she will not be broken, not yet. Written by Alisa! xx


1. Best. Birthday. Ever.


In the twisted forest lays a circus, one all children hear about in flyers and creepy stories before they go to sleep. Don’t go out by yourself, a simple rule that all should abide by but the reality of the consequences is much more painful and disgusting than the rumours.  

I happen to be one would suffer such a fate. My mother told me not to go out at night, ‘not even past our front garden’ she would say, and how right she was. I had gone to get some fresh air- nothing more, nothing less- when they took me. Lead me off by carriage down every bumpy cobblestone path way they could find. At first I tried to count the turns and corners but even if I had kept track it wouldn’t matter there was no chance of getting out here anymore.

They called her the Ringmaster and she ran the circus. I had to pay attention to her every feature, if I got bored or looked away she would have me tortured- acid would be poured onto my skin, it didn’t matter where because they covered it up with flowers and they stung or so I heard because it was screamed eerily though out the cells. She had red hair that swung around her shoulders, she had a red tailed overcoat with gold and shining buttons, she had a pressed white shirt that strained around her breasts and was fitted to show her thin stomach also she had back knee length trouser type things and brown fur boots that hovered over her thigh. One thing I noticed was that she always carried around a whip but she never used it. Really she was very beautiful but my mother said that even the worst people can look the sweetest and this is how I judged her.

I had only been here over night but it felt like a millennium. When I woke up I had suffered a year of back pains and I was old all over I grab the bars and looked into the darkness. The sun was still waking up but most of us here had all ready opened our eyes. I curled myself into my hair- my daddy said that was the best way to calm myself down because my hair touched the floor and I had never cut it. It trailed behind me whenever it was down so I put it into twin tails. The guards didn’t like this apparently because they undid my locks and now it cascades down. I don’t like that they have taken away my hair bands and clothes. I’m now wearing a white dress apart from my pinkish nightgown.

There are a few children next to me and they all look as scared as I feel, everyone screaming for their parents- one child next to me was repeating how he had forgotten his name. Most of the people here seemed to have here forever, each one was as thin as a twig some weren’t even wearing clothes and you could see their ribs and then an unhealthy in cave. I don’t know how much they were feeding these kids, if they were at all, but it certainly wasn’t enough.

The boy next to me raised to his knees and banged on the bars separating our cages and shouted “What’s my name?” his voice tore out in rags but his face was so twisted that it sent a cold spike up my spine and I was nearly to scared to answer.

I chose a name for him out of the blue “Hariki. That’s your name,” I shuffled away from him and he nodded for a while until turning back and baring his teeth.

“That’s not true! Lair! EVIL LAIR!” he rattled the bars and pushed his arms towards me and repeated lair, I hate you and such. I started crying telling him I didn’t know and muttering my name- I didn’t want to end up like him. My name Miku Hatsune, my age 14, my birthday was today and I was getting out of here.

As if to motivate me to leave this place even more the Ringmaster walked up to the edge of my cage and poured acid on the boys outstretched arm and I saw it burn and disintegrate before my eyes. I wanted to turn away but I was frozen like a deer in headlights (remember this line, it’s funny later) and I saw his bone rot and the rest past that peel away until his festered and revolting bloody stump of arm fall and hit the ground with a sickening sucking. Worst of all, the Ringmaster didn’t take it away, instead looked at me with a snake like grin and whispered “Happy Birthday Princess.”

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