Don't Go In The Woods

Don't go in the woods, don't go far, far back that way. Behind the curtains isn't what you think, it's a monstrous nightmare out there, I warn you again. Don't go in the woods.

This story is out a girl named Rat, taken away from her family and home to live in a place of hellish surroundings, forced to look at the devil everyday for her life. Based on a time in Japan. And popular vocaloid song "dark wood circus".


1. I'am On The Edge Of Insanity


I peered though the steel bars, behind there was life, behind there was freedom, both of which I had been deprived of though the change that changed my life, it was only a year ago when I was still happy, I still had a mother and father to come back to everyday and I took advantage of it, before I couldn’t care less about them and now they were the only people I thought about, why, why didn’t I listen?! I heard the small chatters and the clapping of hands behind the curtain, the show was starting. For others it was the entertainment for the entire year for us the clapping on the outside meant death, it meant embarrassment, it meant acid if you didn’t understand.

 I heard footsteps nearing me; they padded in the rain puddles leading to my steel cage. I heard his voice and my mind began to spin, as I said the clapping meant death, only in some cases, I have come way to close to those cases in the past. I said to myself again, why didn’t I listen? I heard the loud squeak of my cage door, it only opened once every hour and it was an ungodly sound that drenched my ears in pain. “Stand” he said to me, he wasn’t sounding aggressive, not yet. I slowly shifted over the bars at back of my cage; he repeated the words to me “STAND!” I scrambled towards the bars faster and hauled myself up to make it look like I was standing, the bars were cold but they weren’t the worst thing here, the acid was.

I heard his voice outside the curtain that covered me, this curtain hid me from the thing I hated the most, the ring master other known as the demon or the devil as the others called him. He wore a red suit and carried a whip as if we were monsters! The thought made me gag, I hated the ring master, and I will forever. I heard the clapping and the chanting already, I wasn’t called by my name here, I was Rat, and Rat was my name now. I had forgotten my mothers and my father’s face, it had been a month before I thought of my brother again, he was always gone but none the less, and I could never see him again. I only remembered one fact of my life clearly. I was Samantha or at least I used to be.

He unveiled the curtain and the lights shone into my eyes, the clapped to see me. I wanted to scream out to them YOU PEOPLE ARE MONSTERS! The way I became like this was clear in my mind, it was them, they had faces but they were faces that I never wanted to see again. I was labelled back there, I still remember my number back then, and I was 09. Weeks I was there, you could call such an act, late night madness. They deformed children, numbered them down; I thought they were killing children. I started to become stir crazy, I started talking to myself. I told myself I would be ok, oh how wrong I was. They grabbed me in my sleep and wheeled me into a white room with crimson patches surrounding the place, small splatters that resembled red flowers in my mind.

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