Don't Go In The Woods

Don't go in the woods, don't go far, far back that way. Behind the curtains isn't what you think, it's a monstrous nightmare out there, I warn you again. Don't go in the woods.

This story is out a girl named Rat, taken away from her family and home to live in a place of hellish surroundings, forced to look at the devil everyday for her life. Based on a time in Japan. And popular vocaloid song "dark wood circus".


2. I'am Dead, So, So, Dead


I saw a girl across the small path, new comer... she won’t make it through the night without going insane. I was close to releasing my grip on the bars, my legs were so tired, and I couldn’t stand. I saw the twins sitting across in their place, the large white ruffle that hid their necks. I had a large ruffle around my neck too, it chocked me often but I couldn’t take it off or it would mean the acid...the acid...the acid...the acid, it repeats in my mind like a race car on a circled track. I wasn’t badly deformed like some children with the sad fate that would leave them happy just to see their mother’s smile...oh, the deformity! I had a shaved tail of something like a dead wolf or fox that was stitched into my back, I couldn’t move it, it wasn’t my tail therefore I couldn’t move it. I noticed a child running through the circus on the cobbled path ways that lead to the freak show. I was normally standing at the entrance of the freak show along with the 2 headed twins. But on Fridays the show wasn’t open. I knew it wouldn’t be a long time before I saw that girl again...

I finally let go of the bars...I was dead, so, so dead. The ring master moved everyone off to the side and flew a curtain over the, no, no, no, please no! I thought again why, why! I was so close to the end and I caved! Iam dead, dead so, so, so dead! He grabbed tightly of a bottle filled with a terrible liquid known as acid. “HOLD OUT YOUR FOOT!” he bellowed he repeated it again “HOLD. OUT. YOU’R. FOOT” I knew what he was going to do and I didn’t want to but I had to, I shakily held out my left leg towards him. “I was going to reconsider it but because I don’t like waiting either” he poured down half the bottle onto my ankle and I watched in my own horror as my ankle was sawed through with acid and I watched as my skin disappeared then seeping through to the bone. And soon I couldn’t move my toes; my foot was gone from my body. I’am even move dead now than I used to be...I was super dead

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