The Match Program was invented to help celebrities find lasting realtionships. And One Direction are no exception. How do you think Eleanor and Louis met? Harry and Niall are using the program to the fullest, and what will happen when they meet someone special? Thanks to everyone's support I won the competition :) *Complete*
Match - Episode 115:00 min.
Match - Episode 216:00 min.
Match - Episode 318:00 min.
Match - Episode 417:00 min.
Match - Episode 517:00 min.
Match - Episode 620:00 min.
Match - Episode 717:00 min.
Match - Episode 815:00 min.
Match - Episode 917:00 min.


7. Plane

      It took about half an hour of being in the air for Ariana to break the silence. She was sitting by One Direction and she wasn’t about to let some mishap risk her chances of talking to them.


            Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a slip of white paper, containing Evelyn’s phone number that she had brought for such an occasion. It would spark a conversation and fulfill a promise to her friend. If she didn’t keep her end of the promise, Evelyn would murder Ariana in her sleep, cut out her entrails, burn them, and send the ashes to the Harry as a birthday present. And that was no exaggeration.     


            After a moment’s hesitation, Ariana got Niall’s attention and handed him the piece of paper.


            “What is this?” Niall asked, pointing to the parchment. Ariana tried not to show it on her face, but on the inside, she melted. Accents… what more could she use to describe it?


            “My friend’s phone number,” she replied, “This was the one thing she wanted me to do if I was to ever see you.” Niall nodded, putting Evelyn’s phone number in his pocket.


            “I see what you did there,” Louis said, smiling. Liam looked at him, confused.


            “What do you mean by that?” Liam asked raising his eyebrow as he tried to recall what Ariana had said.


            “She used one of our song titles in a sentence,” Zayn laughed, stopping short so that he wouldn’t mess up his perfectly-hair-sprayed hair.


            “I guess I did,” Ariana smiled, “I’m just that talented,” she added sarcastically, which won a laugh the band.


            “So what is your name anyway?” Harry asked Ariana, leaning forward in his seat.


            “Ariana Corum,” she replied, smiling in Harry’s direction. “And there is no need to introduce yourselves. I’m almost positive everyone on the plane knows.”


            “Ah, a Directioner,” Liam said, coming to the conclusion.


            “I’d like to think so,” Ariana replied, shrugging my shoulders. She admitted that Evelyn was a die-heart Directioner from the start, and now


            “What brings you to London, anyway?” Louis asked, watching as Niall eyed the food cart menu in the seat pocket.


            “I am visiting a friend for her 17th birthday,” Ariana responded, and then took a sip of her water bottle. “She recently moved there actually.”


            “What’s your friend’s name?” Zayn asked, pulling up his bag and looking around for his phone.


            “Evelyn Grace,” Ariana said, placing her water bottle back on the floor. Niall dropped the menu, astonished.


            “What is it Niall?” Harry asked him, turning around to face him. Niall eyes widened, and then he scrambled to pick up the menu.


            “Uh, nothing,” Niall stated nervously. “Just, er, look!” He held up the menu, pointing to one of the food plates. “Fish!” Ariana’s brow furrowed in confusion. But Niall knew a bit more than everyone else.


            He had discovered Evelyn thanks to the Match Program, and they were going to meet her.

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