The Match Program was invented to help celebrities find lasting realtionships. And One Direction are no exception. How do you think Eleanor and Louis met? Harry and Niall are using the program to the fullest, and what will happen when they meet someone special? Thanks to everyone's support I won the competition :) *Complete*
Match - Episode 115:00 min.
Match - Episode 216:00 min.
Match - Episode 318:00 min.
Match - Episode 417:00 min.
Match - Episode 517:00 min.
Match - Episode 620:00 min.
Match - Episode 717:00 min.
Match - Episode 815:00 min.
Match - Episode 917:00 min.


27. Message

Ariana scribbled notes away on her piece of paper, as her language arts teacher, Mrs. Nefate, called out Latin stems, their meanings, and a bunch of other meaningless junk that would be on the semester exam. Ariana glanced at the clock: two minutes left.



                “That will be all for today,” Mrs. Nefate said, placing the pencil behind her ear. “Be off with you.”



                The students sighed in unison, quickly packing their bags to be ready for lunch. Ariana opened a zippered pouch and looked at her cell phone.  It was out of battery.       



                “It was fully charged this morning,” Ariana murmured to herself. Cleo, a close friend of hers, came over, sitting herself in the desk in front of Ariana.



                “Your phone died again?” Cleo laughed, handing her a charger. Ariana nodded, taking it from Cleo, as she stood. “Come on, we can charge it at lunch.”



                Together, they exchanged brief chit-chat as they got their lunch and took a seat at the table. Cleo tried to ask a few questions on her relationship with Harry, but Ariana brushed it aside. She wanted to remain the way she was before she was dating Harry.



                Cleo pulled out her phone, and gasped.



                “What’s wrong?” Ariana asked, glancing at her phone that was still charging. About a minute before she could use it.



                “One Direction is performing at the Olympics! Didn’t your boyfriend tell you?” Cleo asked, scrolling through her phone as she browsed for more details.



                Ariana looked at her phone, on and able to be used. She had missed a call, and a voice mail appeared.



                                “Hello Ariana, this is Harry,” Harry’s recorded voice said. “I have some big news regarding the Olympics. We’re performing! Give me a call back when you get this.”



                Ariana dropped her phone to her side, sighing. “Yeah,” she replied to Cleo. “He tried.” She began typing in his number to call him, but the bell rang for the next class to start. Ariana would have to wait for that call

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