The Match Program was invented to help celebrities find lasting realtionships. And One Direction are no exception. How do you think Eleanor and Louis met? Harry and Niall are using the program to the fullest, and what will happen when they meet someone special? Thanks to everyone's support I won the competition :) *Complete*
Match - Episode 115:00 min.
Match - Episode 216:00 min.
Match - Episode 318:00 min.
Match - Episode 417:00 min.
Match - Episode 517:00 min.
Match - Episode 620:00 min.
Match - Episode 717:00 min.
Match - Episode 815:00 min.
Match - Episode 917:00 min.


17. Coming Clean


“And that is how Niall knew about Evelyn,” Zayn said, finishing up the explanation. Evelyn and Ariana stared at him, wide-eyed.


            “My life is over,” Evelyn said to herself shakily.


“No, don’t worry,” Liam replied quickly. “There are special sensors so nobody sees anything inappropriate.”


“It was actually Liam’s idea,” Harry whispered to himself as he crossed his arms across his chest.


            “No, it’s not that,” Evelyn clarified, “Although that is nice to know Liam is looking out for everyone,” she smiled, elbowing Liam. “But, now you know my strange addiction to my laptop.” She brushed her fingers through her hair nervously.


            “I have clean hands,” Ariana said proudly, as she dusted the sand off of them. “I don’t have anything to worry about.”


            “Really?” Evelyn asked, “I thought you didn’t remember what color you bedroom wall was until you took down their posters.” She laughed and then turned to Louis, whispering, “It was blue.”


            “Yeah,” Ariana said slowly, scratching the back of her neck. “Maybe I do have problems, but nobody’s perfect.”



            “Well…” Niall faded off, looking towards Zayn.


            “I knew somebody was going to say that,” Zayn murmured, looking back towards Niall.

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