The Match Program was invented to help celebrities find lasting realtionships. And One Direction are no exception. How do you think Eleanor and Louis met? Harry and Niall are using the program to the fullest, and what will happen when they meet someone special? Thanks to everyone's support I won the competition :) *Complete*
Match - Episode 115:00 min.
Match - Episode 216:00 min.
Match - Episode 318:00 min.
Match - Episode 417:00 min.
Match - Episode 517:00 min.
Match - Episode 620:00 min.
Match - Episode 717:00 min.
Match - Episode 815:00 min.
Match - Episode 917:00 min.


51. Caller ID

           *I'm American... so I think my equivalent to "chips", is your "crisps". So whenever I say chips, I really mean crisps. :)*

“Evelyn?” Ariana called, stepping inside the house. “I’m back. Why weren’t you at the shoot?” She turned the corner, finding Evelyn on the couch with an empty box of tissues and an empty bag of chips. “Oh no,” Ariana whispered, “What happened?”


            “Harry wouldn’t let me on the shoot,” Evelyn replied, “He wants me to stay away from you, Niall, and him.” Evelyn rested her head against the wall, as she added, “He thinks I’m manipulating you to break up with him.” She looked to Ariana, trying to force a smile, “What a mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.”


            Ariana sighed, lounging on the couch with Evelyn, reaching into the  bag and pulling out some chips. She chewed slowly, staring at the opposite with Evelyn.


            “We have dated celebrities,” Ariana replied, emotionlessly. “Our lives are now publicized.” She took a couple more chips. “And Niall asked about you. He loves you.”


            “I know,” Evelyn replied, softly. “He wrote a song about me. I miss him. It is taking everything I have not to run into his arms again.” She crunched on a couple chips. “I wish there was something I could do to get around this contract.”


            Ariana’s cell phone rang, and both of their eyes peered towards it. The caller ID: Simon Cowell. It was time.

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