The Match Program was invented to help celebrities find lasting realtionships. And One Direction are no exception. How do you think Eleanor and Louis met? Harry and Niall are using the program to the fullest, and what will happen when they meet someone special? Thanks to everyone's support I won the competition :) *Complete*
Match - Episode 115:00 min.
Match - Episode 216:00 min.
Match - Episode 318:00 min.
Match - Episode 417:00 min.
Match - Episode 517:00 min.
Match - Episode 620:00 min.
Match - Episode 717:00 min.
Match - Episode 815:00 min.
Match - Episode 917:00 min.


12. Breakfast

“Hey E,” Ariana called from across the kitchen table. They were eating breakfast, and Ariana was still dazed from her talk with Harry the night before. The cameras didn’t lie: Harry was such a sweet guy. The two of them got along really well, even after only knowing each other for a long plane ride. “The One Direction website says that they are holding a contest. Winner gets to invite one friend to go hang out at the beach with the boys for one day. No cameras. No crew. Just a blocked off beach.”

            “Sounds fun,” Evelyn replied, scrolling through Facebook on her smart phone, admiring pictures of One Direction. “We should enter.” She paused for a moment, after opening a web browser to see the contest details. “You have to be a resident of the UK, so I will have to enter for the two of us.”

            Ariana slid the computer across the table so Evelyn could fill out the forms. They finished breakfast, just as she was about to complete them.

            “Okay, it says we need to choose what we would like to have for lunch…” Evelyn said, fading off as a smile grew on her face. She bit her lip, glancing at Ariana childishly, before bursting out in laughter.

            “What’s wrong?” Ariana asked, laughing half-heartedly after not completely getting the joke.

            “I don’t know,” Evelyn replied, gasping breath because she was laughing so hard. “I just love food and One Direction,” She paused for a moment, finding her sanity, and said in a monotone voice. “I’m ordering Nandos.” That was enough for Ariana to smile as Evelyn quickly typed away at the computer. Triumphantly, Evelyn pressed the key board, signaling that she had officially entered themselves in the contest.

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