it is about a girl called jordan who is a complete tomboy and she trys to change the prom. but what happens next...


1. Assembly

'beep,beep', went my mums car as we pulled up in the school car park. as my mum

said goodbye to me my best friend sam walked up and asked me what i was doing for

the assembly. i had felt so embaressed because i hadn't done anything. as me and

sam walked towards the hall i saw a poster all about the prom! i walked up to it to see

what we have to wear to the prom. when i saw that the dress code was big dresses i

felt sick, because me and sam are complete tomboys. at that moment i knew exactly

what i was going to talk about... as me and sam moved towards the hall i was putting

my speech together. we entered the hall and cause we have a list of who gets to

speak first and i had to go first. i got up to the microphone and said "i think that for

prom if somegirls are tomboys then instead of wearing stupid dresses we should be

able to wear jeans and stuff like that". that is all i said and when i was walking off i got

booed off but as i walked passed harriet (my worst enime) she was smileing, because

she would know how badly i wanted to change the rules of prom. i also walked passed

my crush (casey eldridge) (CUTE) and all he said was bad luck. so i was confused

because he would normally say something mean ! ! !   

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