An Obvious Murk


1. The Subtleties Of Logic

Afflicted lonliness seems to be my divine decree..
Love and true happiness seems so far from my reach..
Was this meant for me?
Could this truly be my destiny?
Oh woe is me.. Living life on my knees.. Begging..pleading..someone..please!
Help me be at ease! ..Security, certainty, surety..Is what I need to appease...
I beseech, but to no avail.
Its like Ive failed...Miscarried life...Veiled.
Why this bale?
Misery..Sorrow...Will I ever prevail?
I long for Adulation...Joy...Bliss...A swain kiss...A disposition of blithe..
Ive become an obsolete myth...
My feelings dissaranged..befuddled....Mist.
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