summers everything

My entry for the One direction competition!

"I'm grace, I'm a small, crazy, thrill seeking, raven haired girl. The first too get invited to party's, the first to get asked out by boys. I always get what I want, clothes, phones, friends, boys... I know I'm beautiful and so does every one else, but when confronted with two boys I need to decide,not what I want, but what I need."

Grace is going on holiday with her friends too see one Direction at a festival, she sets her standards higher than ever before, and she has to realise... you don't always get what you want, but some times... you get what you need.



4. the party!!!!

The large green space, once deserted, was now filled  with teenage kids, the music thrumming through out veins. Since I had arrived fashionably late, I could find neither Hannah, who was meeting"Mr american" who we recently found out was called Ty. Or Lil's,  who was presumably at the front, screaming every lyric. Roughly 20 boys had asked me to dance, eac one had held me close and proved what they were worth. I soon found out none of them were worth any thing, they were all shy, eager to impress, immature. And none of them made me excited, or want to impress them. They bored me, actually I was getting pretty  bored...

So far in the night my drinking habits had been slightly worse than normal, but I felt fine... sort of. I stumbled through the crowd as One direction started playing "One thing" "AAHHHH" I moaned as a hundred awe-struck girls, burst my ear drums. The screaming was almost enough to drown out the song, and the chances of me finding either Lil's or Hannah were minuscule. I only had 5 nights here and I was determined to make the most of it. Slightly disorientated I shoved the crowd out of my way, making my way to the front. "ESCUUUSE ME" my voice was a little of key and I kept muttering "excuse me,," over and over trying to make it sound right.

By a stroke of genius, I approached a massive guy, standing close to the front. "HELLO!" My voice was still slightly manic and I tried to tone it down. "I need your -hiccup- assisTANCE!!!!" He looked at me with a worried expression. I grabbed my unexpected victim by the shoulders, and hoisted myself on to the strangers back; piggy back style. After his initial confusion and my hysterics, I finally was sitting on his shoulders.I gave a whoop and patted his head. "I CAN SEE EVERY THING!" I kissed his head. "YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND" I declared, and he wasn't in any position to decline.

I scanned the crowd for familiar faces, but soon gave up. Harry was now prancing round the stage high fiving screaming teenagers. I saw his gaze settle on me, so I wiggled my fingers at him. He winked and moved on, handing a rose to a petite red head at the front... Lil's!!!! He was giving Lil's a rose! Go Lil's!

"LIL'S!!!!!!!!!!GET IN THERE BABE!!!" I screamed laughing madly. But Lil's was to occupied on looking into Harry's eyes as he serenaded her."Whoops" I giggled as I nearly slid off the guys head. I bent over and kissed his cheek, "Thank you honey!!!" I laughed. He looked awkward but was obviously too drunk to care, "Do you want too come back to my tent?" He tried his luck

"No, thanksss, need to find my friends!" I patted his spiky hair, sadly. He shrugged not really bothered and started chatting too his mate.

I got in to the music, bobbing my head with my hands in the air.Lots of other people were sitting on their friends shoulders and one guys was crowd surfing. this was fun! I noticed the cheeky, confident one on stage was looking at me... Zayn? I couldn't remember, but I was pretty sure. I blew him a kiss, and he pretended to catch it and hold it to his heart. I laughed at the dated move and nearly fell of my seat... oops... guy... stranger type, person.

It didn't occur to me how akward he must have been, I was pretty comfy. Suddenly my thoughts were extremely blurred, may be...bed time? now what did our tent look like? Flowers! Pink! I think... I held onto that image. It took me awhile to get the guy to understand, but eventually I had my two feet on the floor. I got swept up in a tidal wave of people and for got where I was going for awhile, but then I remembered, Crap! I needed to get back.

One direction had just wrapped up their last song and the beautiful hum of their lyrics was replaced with a pounding bass for the late-nighters. I need to find Hannah. I need to find Lil's. crap. I needed to find my bag. I did a quick body check. Nope, no bag. I swore to my self as my pink (ruined) wellies trudged through the mud. Every one was giggling and heading back to their tents so it was easier to make out where I was going. 

How do you trace your foot steps, in an empty field??? I had no idea where I was going and the world was spinning a little. Maybe not so much drink next time? I really needed to lean on something. I saw a figure about a metre away and stumbled towards it. Just as I reached it two things happened: The guy said: "Hello, I'm Zayn, nice to-" and my vision became hazy and I think I may have threw upon him. Classy. 

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