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My entry for the One direction competition!

"I'm grace, I'm a small, crazy, thrill seeking, raven haired girl. The first too get invited to party's, the first to get asked out by boys. I always get what I want, clothes, phones, friends, boys... I know I'm beautiful and so does every one else, but when confronted with two boys I need to decide,not what I want, but what I need."

Grace is going on holiday with her friends too see one Direction at a festival, she sets her standards higher than ever before, and she has to realise... you don't always get what you want, but some times... you get what you need.



3. The ice cream

the total camp site was dismal, the toilets were small, dingy and in my view... unusable. The highlights wes a single, over-prised ice cream van, the amazing weather... and of course, the boys! Although here wasn't much to see, the atmosphere was buzzing. Some of the people seemed to come from abroad, and one tall, blonde, american guy, in the queue to the ice cream van, caught my eye. He had a lopsided, cheeky grin, a tan and freckled face and a couple of friends.

With out second thoughts I strode up to him, using exaggerated steps, showing of my tan legs. "Hi, I'm Grace," He turned his head in my direction and did a double take, "Em, yea, I, do, could?" I laughed softly at him, enticing him for the fun of the game. I beckoned Hannah and Lil's whom were both shaking there heads and sighing. Tsk, I talk to a boy and they think I'm flirting, I thought to myself... Which is completely true, but I would never admit to it! Finally the guy had woken up, and he gave Hannah a cute little wave, and cowered under Lil's calculating glare.

I laughed at Lil's quickness to judge and Hannah's innocence. One went out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable. The other went of their way to make people happy. In a way, I was worse, I had no remorse to the effects my action cause on others... as long as I get what I want. And right now, I was bored and hungry. This guy was the solution to both problems.

"Sorry are you in the queue?" He asked politely. 

"We were, but me and my friends just realized we forgot our money..." I smiled sadly, smoothly replacing the crumpled £20 note back into my back pocket. "We'd better go back to get it..." I paused, he really wasn't getting it! "It was nice meeting you!" I added as a farewell,

"Oh, wait, no! me and my friends have enough money for all of us!" He beamed at his own amazing, little plan. I shook my head sarcastically as he walked away. "You really shouldn't use people," Hannah mumbled nibbling his lip.

"Not a person, a boy" Lil's put in. I didn't under stand why she was such a feminist, but in all fairness, I didn't care. I was hungry... "One direction, are all boys," Hannah finally replied, triumphant.

"One direction, are an exception to the rule,a beautiful, amazing, wonderful exception," Lil's sighed.

"Blah, blah, blah,  I am officially bored AND hungry, he didn't even ask what we wanted!" I scanned the queue "Honey!!!!" I called to him, which made him blush with pride. "Hannah wants a 99' Lil's want a magnum, and I want what ever's most expensive!". I watched him eye his money looking doubtful. huh, he'd better get mine.

He came back over with our food and bowed his head shyly, handing us the ice creams, "I didn't have enough money for mine..." Emmm, like we cared?

"Oh, you poor thing," Hannah said soothingly, "You can have mine," I shook my head in wonder. 

"Well, I'm going back to get ready for tonight, and Grace is coming with me!" Lil's announced, disgusted.

"We could... share?" He smiled broadly, obviously taken, by her her massive sapphire eyes, and kind nature. I was happy for her, if a little worried about how nice she was, it was... unnatural. "I'd love that," She hid behind a rainfall of her own golden hair and Lil's made gagging noises, "Come on," I laughed gleefully, "I want to party," I whooped, already feeling drunk!

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