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My entry for the One direction competition!

"I'm grace, I'm a small, crazy, thrill seeking, raven haired girl. The first too get invited to party's, the first to get asked out by boys. I always get what I want, clothes, phones, friends, boys... I know I'm beautiful and so does every one else, but when confronted with two boys I need to decide,not what I want, but what I need."

Grace is going on holiday with her friends too see one Direction at a festival, she sets her standards higher than ever before, and she has to realise... you don't always get what you want, but some times... you get what you need.



7. The flowers xx

I ignored Lil's and Hannah for the best part of Monday (We had arrived on Saturday). They were all playing spin the bottle with Mr American and his american friends. I'm really starting to regret, meeting that guy. I was still in the tent, hiding out. I wasn't going to put my life on standstill, I had too show my face some time. It was about lunchtime and Lil's, Hannah and me had bought a never ending stash of special K bar's and fizzy drinks; we planned to be eating out the majority of the time, in a small restaurant come pub, Lil's had researched, 5 minutes away. And I assumed Lil's and Hannah were eating over there.

So I could have stayed hiding in the tent, but I decided to be brave. I was, Grace-Lily, Roselle, Warwick-Jones, for Christ sake. My dad owns four sucsessful company's, based all over Europe. I went to one of the most expensive schools in England, and my face was printed on the front pages of "Hello" almost every week. I had made my decision and I threw on a tiny lilac dress, sandal's  and my guchii sun glass's. Which I promptly swapped for Hannah's massive pair.

The air was unmoving outside and it was over 35 degrees. Its never to hot I smiled. I had spent most of my life abroad and was immune to the heat whilst the people around me were burnt and panting. I felt sympathy for them, God they looked hot. Once at the ice cream van I bribed the man serving me to put it  "on the house" then walked away, swishing my hips. Nothing to cheer me up like a new guy to seduce I smiled lazily. I felt so much better going back. See? your still the same person! I told myself.

I winked at every boy I passed, flashing my not-so-naturally-white smile at them. One boy pretended to faint clutching his heart. I laughed girlishly at him but carried on. I was going to put on some mascara, my super skinny jeans, vest top and $600 pair of Sandles. Then I was going to go too Mr. Americans tent, and I was going to enjoy myself. The sun was hiding behind some clouds that had recently appeared and the humid air had cooled drastically. Suddenly I felt a pang of sadness. I really missed Tom, he would have given me his jacket and put his arm around me, if he were here. Even if it was raining, and I had been arrogant enough not to take a rain coat. He would give me his and catch a chill.

I was still day dreaming when I stumbled into my tent, "What the?" The biggest bunch of red roses, I have ever seen, was taking up my corner of the tent. It was about the height of my hip and the width of my body. It had a large white pot holding it all, and a little tag floated from the pot. I smelled the roses quickly and sighed blissfully, it smelt gorgeous. I looked at the tag:

To Grace

3:00, Monday, Dressing rooms (We'll show you our tent xx)

The guys also want Lil's and Hannah to come xx

With Regards


I checked the time, oh, no! 2:30, I have too get Hannah and Lil's! Just as I thought it, two figures came crashing through the tent door "Ha ha, that was amazin- WHOA, God! Who bought the flowers?!" Lil's looked oddly annoyed and startled. I coughed to grab there already, undivided attention, and read the not. 

"What are you going to do?" Hannah asked, looking a little dazed and guilty,

"Em, we are going to go! duh!" I was worried about this girl, she was too nice and it was obviously driving her a little mental, "Yea, but, he likes you!" Hannah whispered, as if it were a big secret.

"It's not illegal!" I said hastily.

"You haven't told him your not single!" Lil's pushed.

"Well, may be I am!" I regretted the words as soon as they left my lips. Hannah looked shocked.

"Did he say- Do you know?" Hannah whispered looking ashamed.

"Know what?" I demanded. Hannah looked relieved and guilty at the same time. Lil's shook her head slowly at me, disgusted. "He has only been the perfect boy friend too you! Your so selfish!" 

"Amy kissed him!" Hannah blurted interrupting Lil's. WHAT?! Me and Lil's snapped our heads round to look at her. She continued without pause staring at her hands. "Last week, at Dylans pool paty, he asked if I was going on holiday with you, and I asked why, he wanted too know... he said, said- He said: Because I need a replacement for Grace, who will obviously be shagging the whole camp site. He was angry because you were chatting up some guy, in front of him, and he was drunk! I knew it wasn't like him, so I told him e shold go home but he said I was... was.. It doesn't matter! He kissed Amy Davis! but I didn't want to tell you, I thought it would ruin the holiday and make you sad...." She finally came to a stop.

"I'm so sorry," She looked up at me, with sad eyes. Lil's was traumatized. "Consider your self forgiven," I knew what I had to do, "Lil's turn on those portable hair straiteners, Hannah get my make up bag, we have a party to go too," I was officially pissed. That Zayn had no idea what was coming for him.

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