summers everything

My entry for the One direction competition!

"I'm grace, I'm a small, crazy, thrill seeking, raven haired girl. The first too get invited to party's, the first to get asked out by boys. I always get what I want, clothes, phones, friends, boys... I know I'm beautiful and so does every one else, but when confronted with two boys I need to decide,not what I want, but what I need."

Grace is going on holiday with her friends too see one Direction at a festival, she sets her standards higher than ever before, and she has to realise... you don't always get what you want, but some times... you get what you need.



2. The arrival

The journey there was long, and my patience has never been amazing, but it seemed to flash by. Lil's had the roof down on her new shiny, red convertible,and I didn't care how wind swept I would look at the end... "you can't change gorgeous," I laughed to Hannah, whom slid further down trying to duck behind my seat. She smiled weakly, what was up with her? I laughed again, ignoring Hannah, and put my hands in the air, enjoying the rush of wind in the stiffening heat. I had no idea where were going. It was on the coastline some where in England, but I'm probably not the best person too ask directions from.

Lil's was sat next to me, singing along to Lawson's new song, when suddenly, the familiar beat of a song made her squeal. "YOUR INSECURE, DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR!!" I clutched my hands to my ears as my best friend screamed the lyrics. The crunching of gravel told me we were officially off the motorway, and I smiled as we raced down the country road singing along to "What makes you beautiful"...  Not sure I would last all week, I didn't mind this songs but words like "over-rated" come to mind when I hear it. No offence to the band though, I wouldn't mind a nice bit of that  Zayn. Hannah eventually gave up and joined in at the chorus. She must be nervous being away from home I thought... "You don't know your beautiful!"

As we swung into a small makeshift car park, I was already getting into the party atmosphere. I stepped out the car with my friends, and smiled at the guys admiring looks. You can look, but you can't touch. Hannah checked her outfit nervously and I shook my head in exhaustion. She obviously looked stunning, She had gone for a gorgeous, baby blue, floral dress, a pair of blue ribboned wedges and over sized sun glasses. Lil's was wearing the tightest white, ripped, skinny jeans I have ever seen, a pair of green stilletos and a tie dyed, green vest top. Unlike my friends colour coordination wasn't my thing, So I had gone for tiny cut-off denim shorts, with a purple, fabric printed belt, a tight blue vest top, and was bare foot. I wasn't self conscious though, I knew we all looked good, even if our hair was skew-whiff and we weren't wearing make up.

The green field stretched out in front of us was filled with pop-up tents, tiny shorts, beach balls (?) and fit guys. I licked my lips but I knew a summer fling was off-limits. In the distance a massive, inflatable, dome (Which I presumed was the stage) dwarfed the multi coloured tents. About 40 metres of bare field, was sectioned off around it. I planned to make our tent the furthest away from the stage ( even I, need beauty sleep) but Lil's was having none of it. She dragged excited Hannah, and exasperated me towards the front line of tents. And since there was no space in-between the tents already there, Hannah and Lil's put the tent right at the front. It was touching the red tape sectioning of the makeshift, concert arena but they shrugged it off. Oh lord, have mercy.

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