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My entry for the One direction competition!

"I'm grace, I'm a small, crazy, thrill seeking, raven haired girl. The first too get invited to party's, the first to get asked out by boys. I always get what I want, clothes, phones, friends, boys... I know I'm beautiful and so does every one else, but when confronted with two boys I need to decide,not what I want, but what I need."

Grace is going on holiday with her friends too see one Direction at a festival, she sets her standards higher than ever before, and she has to realise... you don't always get what you want, but some times... you get what you need.



1. the call

I flicked absently through my latest copy of Glamour, Blue in, leggings out. I didn't really care, I relied on Hannah (my fashion guru and close friend) for that sort of thing. It was odd not to be partying on a Saturday... alien. I gazed around my room willing for a last minute call or something, anything, to do. They walls around me, glowed a fabulous yellow (much to my mums concern, as it was not classy enough) and trailing sunflowers were printed in every corner, growing up wards. My massive, canopy bed was white and a proud centrepiece, adding comfort and an expensive aura to my customized boudoir. I loved my room... It was considerably big if you include my walk-in wardrobe, en suite and shoes room. I obviously got the biggest bed room, but mostly because my parent are never here, not because of my exemplary behaviour, not.

At this time of night, I would have already been dancing on some ones mini bar, in their downstairs "night club" or skinny dipping in Dylan's pool. Dylan is a notorious for his legendary party's, as am I, for my amazing party girl "skills". Or going way to far with my boyfriend. My best friend Lil's is always their to keep me in check with my drinking, but at the age of 16 I'm basically an adult. Tom encourages it, e knows I'm a lot more... generous when I'm drunk... Tom. I have been dating Tom for over a month. Which is a new record for me; I jump from boy too boy all the time... Who ever I chose, I get. Tom is in university, and completely gorgeous. He's captain of the rugby team there, with boyish blonde hair and a ruggedly handsome face. I usually go for pretty boys, rich, preppy ... boring! Tom has massive doe, brown eyes and although he isn't excactly the brightest crayola in the pack, he's my mature and beautiful boyfriend. 

Just like that, my phone broke the eary silence and my sluggish thoughts, scaring me half to death, star ships, were meant-, I lunged at my new HTC, rapidly hitting the green call button... "Hello? Grace-lilly, Warwick-Jones speaking!" I gushed, out of habit. I regretted it soon after, Christ,  I sounded like my mother, ugh! "Hey..." A deep voice smiled at the end of the phone. "You really sound like your-"

"Don't" I cut him off. His gruff laugh was audible from my end of the phone. So I glared at it accusingly, trying not too smile, even though he wasn't there. "Not going there Grace!" He knew I was a complete Bitch, and accepted that about me. I was obnoxious, selfish, bitchy and most people, who didn't know me well, hated me.

I came from a well- known family, whom obviously cared more about my image than actually me. My dad was always abroad and my mum is a self centred, devious cow, who's motto in life is "If any one gets in your way... trample on them till they bleed," So sentimental ... I took it out on others, of course. I always got what I wanted and... it was just me. May be on the inside I was nicer, but I didn't see it. Tom thinks he does... I doubt it.

"So Grace, did you say yes about the holiday?" So he must have talked too Lil's and Hannah. Lil's is the one who arranged the holiday, my short, flame haired, friend. She's my best friend, stubborn, orderly and argumentative, but also fiercly loyal, a modest but talented dancer and a great laugh. Hannah was my other best friend, tall and willowy, with gorgeous sweeping blonde hair and adorable, baby blue eyes. She's shy, gentle and amazing with fashion.

 Lil's and Hannah were the only people, I was myself around. Everyone else thought I was the bratty, raven-haired, party girl. A wild fire. Fun but spoilt ect. Which personally , I think that's spot on. Them three have different ideas..."The one direction festival thing?" (Hannah loved them,) "Of course" I smiled, splaying out my manicured nails... This holiday was going to be legendary.

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