The girl from the waves

Zina - May Blackburn had always loved life in her home village just outside Johannesburg until suddenly her parents rooted their family up and moved to a desolate island near the seychelles islands. But why?! Zina found herself lonely and miserable with the door of her parents study standing inbetween her and the pepole she thought she knew and loved. The only thing that brightened up her life was when her beautiful couisn visited... she was always full of mystery and excitement!
Belonging is something Zina's always wanted...
Longing is something Zina's always had...
With her 15th birthday drawring near everything seems to be a blur. Will she be able to cling on to her last hope of life or will she be tossed into the depths of her parents misery yet again..?

Hope you enjoy it! This is for the picture prompt coml! :D xoxo


1. The beginning of a beginning...

I hear the walls moan, just like my heart.  I wonder what sights they have seen… 

I live on a bleak island off Seychelles. It’s tiny, really; we’re the only human inhabitants here. Although I feel like I am all alone. My name is Zina- May Blackburn. Apparently that means Secret Spirit – Earth Goddess Dark Stream.  It is strange. I am strange. My father is African, my mother English. That’s why my name is a cross between African and English. However, I don’t care where there from or what pride they hold about our family. They act as if I don’t exist, only briefly seeing me at dinner or telling me what the weather is like today. It’s like they are disappointed in me for something I never did! I used to love them. My mother used to tell me stories and sing me lullabies, my father used to play games with me and we would spot things in the clouds of the sunny sky. I miss those people.


“Zinaaaaaaaaaa. Zinaaa – Maay!” My mother’s shrill voice rung out through the castle. I walked along the stony corridors, feet trailing on the long red rugs dotted about. My parents only bothered to decorate the parts of the house guests would see and the bedrooms. The rest was just left alone by everyone except me.

“Zina!” She called again, this time not even attempting to sound happy, just annoyed. I arrived at the oak door her voice was coming from. Rolling my eyes, I pushed open the heavy door; I wonder what she could so desperately want from me to rise from her study.

Shock ran through me like electric being buzzed everywhere at 100 mph. Standing next to my mother was my effortlessly beautiful cousin, Aphrodite Sekai. She is the only family I love; she is my best friend… my only human friend. She ran towards me, beaming. We both squealed in delight as we hugged each other, jumping up and down with excitement!

“I’ll leave you girls to it then.” My mother smiled as she trotted out the room. Aphrodite was on my father’s side of the family and our fathers used to be very close… until we moved here.

“ Oh my god!! What are you doing here? I’m so happy you’re here!” I cried

“I’ve come to see my gorgeous cousin of course!” She giggled, making her glossy brown hair bob up and down. “I know I haven’t seen you in a while and thought of you being all alone here so I hopped on the first flight in land and caught a ferry over here!” It might sound like an expensive trip just to come and see your cousin, but Aphrodite’s parents are very rich; almost as rich as mine. Our fathers have always been this way.

“Wow Aph! I’ve missed you so much! Got any goss from back home?”

“Well, Rita is getting married and I hear that Marty, you know that guy from the bait shop near the river?...” We went on like this for ages, gasping at certain things and occasionally exploding into fits of giggles!


The sky was a charcoal colour and a few bright stars twinkled like fairy lights on a tree. It was 10pm and Aph and I had been chatting for so long!

“So” I said in a sing song voice “Will you be wanting to sleep in my room or the spooky spare room of doom?” I asked, teasingly as Aphrodite had a track record for crawling into the warmth of my bed at 2am saying she was scared.

Looking at me in a way that would make your heart melt, she widened her eyes and gave me the puppy dog face.

“Aph no wanna sleep alone in big scawy castle.” She giggled, playing along.

“Okay, I’ll go and get the things to make you a bed.” When I was with Aphrodite was the only time I was happy.

I squinted into the darkness, turning around I saw a figure next to my door. I tried to scream but it felt as though my voice box had been locked with a key that I would never find. I saw a strand of blonde hair peeking out from the darkness and then the figure stepped out of the shadows… it was my mother! Panic filled her eyes as she sensed id seen her. Suddenly, she took off in a sprint down the hall, her heels clip clopping all the way. All of a sudden I found the key to my voice box again.

“What are you doing?!” I screamed. I was scared. I was worried. I was confused…


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